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  1. brax

    Hi, I'm Brax

    I likely won't start breeding for a couple of years, as I'd like to be able to build a proper aviary for it which will likely wait until I've hopefully bought a house. For now I'll stick with 1 budgie, and maybe get a couple more later on And they certainly do train quickly! My friends budgie has only been with them about 2-3 weeks. He was finger trained in a week, and now likes to use people as perches! He has been acting a little out of the ordinary though - he'll be perched on you, then he might randomly fly around and make a lot of noise, then he'll come back to you for a little bit then the same thing again. On a bright side, he's started to reply to me when I whistle at him haha. As for giving the budgies to their new home... I actually really look forward to that : D @maz While I do like the idea of travelling, it probably won't happen until I've settled down with someone and we can afford to travel. And I'd likely not breed for say that year I planned to travel. All in all, I'm not going to breed until I know I can provide the birds with the very best in home and care, and I have a thorough understanding of everything I can learn through theory (genetics etc)
  2. brax

    Hi, I'm Brax

    Hello all! I'm Sarah (call me Sarah or Brax). I currently live in Leeton, NSW. Throughout my life we've always had a budgie (named Joey, only deterred from that tradition when I named one Leif). I haven't had a budgie for several years though, but my friend recently got one and we love to hang out with him. I'm sad to say I never hand trained my birds, and experiencing the love and fun of a trained bird has me really wanting to get another budgie! I've been researching like crazy, figuring out the best place to have my cage and trying to find local breeders. In all my research (I've spent hours the past few days reading threads on this forum haha), I've decided that I'd very much like to breed budgies one day. For now I'm going to stick with one pet budgie, and possibly wait to breed until I'm in a more permanent residence (might look into buying a house in the next couple of years), that way I can have a full aviary set up. Anywho! A little about me - I'm 22, work for Telstra and have a passion for web design (likely wont make it a full time career, more a sideline business : D ). I also adore yarnwork (loom knitting, crocheting and cross stitching) and I'm one handed. I also have a strong desire to move to Tasmania even though I've never been there haha. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to chatting with you all! I'll be spending the time between now and when I start breeding learning as much as I can in theory so any pointers in the right direction are much appreciated! (and if anyone knows any good breeders around Leeton and possibly Narrandera I'd love to know, thanks!)
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