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  1. Yeh he has sold them all now, i got the young ones that were too young to freight. The father of that grey green spangle got him novice champion or something. Was talking to him for like 2 hours when i went around there to pick them up
  2. thanks, i got them from local a breeder Daniel Goedee.
  3. My first show budgies. they're approx 4-5 months old
  4. well Im 100% sure they are male and female. Im sure the hen is in condition, her cere is a dark brown not confident about him though
  5. It has been a week since i have put a pair in to a breeding cabinet, She is interested in him, rubbing her head on him nippng at him, but he is just sitting there like a dopy idiot ignoring her .. Should i give them more time or try a different cock ?
  6. I wonder if they will be dealing with that 'breeder' again
  7. it should be reported to the RSPCA , I talked to my sister about it, she works at the local RSPCA and she advised that you do. i could find out who to contact if you wanted
  8. I got a pair of budgies from my sister from her work (RSPCA) they were owned by a eldery lady who is now deceased, anyway im thinking that they may be bro and sis , mainly because on their adoption cards they have listed there "birth" dates as the same date, also they are both recessive pied. They are very much bonded and im not sure if i should seperate them and breed with other mates, or just leave them be and hope that when they breed it will be okay.
  9. Budboy


    Yes, I have been in contact with Mark Hawke
  10. Budboy


    Hello all, Have already posted a couple of times asking for help, so i thought i should introduce myself. Im 32 male living in the central west NSW, Where i live and work on the family farm where with my 2 brothers. I have had budgies way back when i was in primary school, so a long time ago. . . I have been wanting to get budgies again for some time, and with the sudden passing of my dad 6 months ago, i decided it was a good time to start a new hobby, to get my mind focused on something else. But anyway Im excited about breeding my budgies in the future and to learn all i can about them.
  11. Yes i used the flash what was decided about the markings ? Spangle or greywing ?
  12. from what i can tell no iris rings Had a hawke try and eat my budgies today ..
  13. okay, .. so what does that mean ? who do i believe lol.. Do you want more pictures ?
  14. I was given this budgie, Im thinking its recessive pied ? also is it a clearwing ? thanks
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