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  1. Making your own nestboxes sure saves a lot of money. Well done, cant wait to see the pics.
  2. A very nice group of birds
  3. That is so unfortunate, i am sorry for your loss.
  4. It is obvious that you loved her dearly and she will be in your heart for the rest of your life, you are obviously a beutiful soul having taken her into your life and protecting her when she needed it the most. Well done and R.I.P Maddie
  5. I think he means if he had to move an egg to another pair for fostering. But your chart looks really good, i might have to copy it if you dont mind
  6. Wow finnie explained that great, if you know whether your budgie is split green and blue or just green you can use punnet squares, this is a very simple method as the are lots of genes affecting shades and whether it is clearwing, cinnamonwing and others. But here is a simple thing u can do to predict the offspring if you know whether or not they are split for blue. If G is green and b is blue And for example mother and father are split for blue i.e. Gb then it would look like this G b G GG Gb b Gb bb There for 25% will be GG or green budgies not split for blue There will be 50% Gb, or Green budgies split for blue And 25% bb, blue budgies. Hope this method will help u to be able to predict future offspring if you know some of their characteristics.
  7. I think she looks close to Breeding condition, you have a very beautiful bird.
  8. I think he is asking what is the required time that he should be waiting before pairing his hen with another or the same partner for her second clutch in a row.
  9. Also there is a really good avian vet at the balcatta animal hospital, she really helped out last year when my budgie was sick.
  10. Okay so it is not your conditions that caused this, thats great, saves a lot of work, i would still recomend separating them just in case until he gets better.
  11. Im no professional but id say: A. Thought Female in second hard to tell in first. B. Male C.Male D. Unsure, E. Female.
  12. I had a similar problem with one of my birds last year, except it was not a severe, i dont know if u have been informed this but if you can seperate the birds it is better, In isolation my budgie recovered from scaley face in about 5 weeks. Like the others though i suggest getting the beak trimmed. Also was Beaker like that when you got him, if not you might want to think about giving the cage a clean. Hope this helps
  13. You got some great results there you should be very proud.
  14. Havent been on here in like 6 months, year twelve is so full on and its good to look around here again. So useful

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