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  1. Last week was a really crazy week. Mama Tweet getting sick right before I go on vacation wasn't in the plan. Especially sick with this particular ailment. But luckily it was just staying at our cottage for a week, so guess who came with me?? Mama Tweet. I know it isn't ideal for a bird to travel when they are sick but it was either take her or have my dad take care of her (he takes care of my birds when I leave) and he wouldn't be giving her medicines. Her cage is a cool cage with a divider in it and another parakeet whom is retired from breeding Mr Tweekers is in the other side of the cage. So I decided to take the whole cage with. This way she would be more comfortable in her own cage and she would have another bird to keep her company on vacation. Friday I had to take her back to the vet right before I left town. I was there with her for 2 hours. It was really hectic and busy, but Mama Tweet was so good. She just sat quietly next to me for a half hour in the crowded lobby then the rest of the time in the exam room. The vet finally came in after and hour and 45 minutes to examine her. She said she has excellent weight on her but the fluid definitely came back a bit. They didn’t charge me for the recheck because they didn’t expect the fluid to return that quickly. She bumped her lasix (dioretic) from 0.01 to 0.02. She needs to continue the oral hormone and homeopathic supplement. She ended up taking her in the back to drain her once more. This time she only got 3cc out of her but the fluid was darker and had chunks in it (looked like cooked egg) which is classic for egg yolk peritonitis. So that basically confirmed the diagnoses. They suggested a Lupron injection, which is another hormone. I told them to go ahead and give her that. They said that it would help in stopping the development of an egg. I was also sent home with Metacam (and anti inflammatory), she said she felt tender and this peritonitis is pretty painful. She told me only to give her that for 3-5 days, definitely not a chronic medication to give. It could end up causing GI problems pretty quickly. So far she has been doing well. I really thought they were going to be more stressed in a different environment but they really adjusted quick. But then again she is a strong little bird. She is really doing well on the meds. So far so good. Today I headed to the grocery store to buy some greens and apples for them to munch on. She attacked the greens right away, which is always a good thing, she ate a little apple too. I am glad she never lost her appetite, with this particular disease anorexia is a big symptom. We have to go back in 2 weeks to get another Lupron injection and recheck, then in another 2 weeks another injection and that would be it in the series of hormone injections. This past few days together the bumped up Lasix and Metacam really has helped keep the fluid at bay. Which I am glad for, I was really worried it would keep coming back.
  2. Mama Tweet and I are going back to the vet today. Just to get more fluid tapped out. She gained it back slowly this time and def not as much so that is a good sign. The vet said that it may happen again, doesn't seem uncommon. While I am there I going to be picking up that other hormone as well, so maybe that will aid in her recovery. So far so good. Mama Tweet and I would like to thank you all for your support!!
  3. Hi Everyone, I would like to thank everyone for their good thoughts and/or prayers. I talked to the doctor today and it looks like they can rule out organ problems, tumors, cardiac issues and she is cancer free. She has something called Egg Yolk Peritonitis. It could be potentially fatal, but good news is, Mama Tweet is in very good health and I caught it pretty early. Unfortunately I may have to have her under sedation again to get the fluid tapped out if her abdomen if it gets distended once more, which it looks a bit swollen tonight. She is on Furosemide (Lasix) which is a diuretic and also a Herbal Blend called Evitex that should help with the fluid and aid in the development in another egg (which we do not want at this time). He also made a concoction called Homeopathic-Eagle Pro. He said that I can pick up another hormone that may help aid in her healing as well. Which I may just go ahead and do. But he said it is not uncommon for a bird with fluid build up to have to have it tapped out a few times. She is healthy and strong so he is comfortable with having to do that again. He also mentioned that there is usually an infection that goes hand and hand with this disease but there were very few elevated white blood cell counts, so he feels no need to put her on antibiotics at this time. Her mate Booger died a few months back. He feels that her “female” system may have shut down in his passing and now that it has woken up again, she is probably having problems. Poor girl. I was wondering why she hasn’t laid an egg since his death. It was puzzling to me, since she is the bird who has had the most clutches but also has a precise ovulation schedule. I have her figured out quite nicely in that department. It makes a lot of sense to me that Boogers passing may have had something to do with this, especially since her last clutch of the year would usually have been laid in September and presto she has this problem in September. Very interesting these little birds. Well we are not out of the woods yet so keep my little girl in your thoughts, but I am pleased to find out we are on the right track for treatment. I may have her fluid tapped out tomorrow morning so wish me luck with that!! If not then in a few days. I am trying to give the Lasix a chance to work without waiting too long, (the fluid build-up compromises the air-sacs and they can potentially suffocate. But at least I got an answer to what was wrong and I know what I am dealing with. He said it is treatable so I am trying to look on the bright side. Even if the road to recovery doesn’t go as planned at least I can say I tried and did everything I could to save my girl. And of course again, I just can’t say this enough, thanks for your support!!! Keeping My Fingers Crossed, Jaime LOL....You should see what my finger looks like after this last dose I just gave her....Def Got some fight in her!! Surprised I can still type! By The Way- She has the Non-Septic Egg Peritonitis not the Septic Peritonitis
  4. Thank you for your comments. The results aren't in yet. Just gave Mama Tweet her meds a little bit ago. Unfort, she is already getting tired of them...LOL. She let's me know that she HATES them. I am going to give the vet a call tomorrow to give them a progress report. Her potty is really runny because of the one med. That is the one that is suppose to help her release the fluid on her own. Thanks again for you support.
  5. Hello Everyone, I am going to ask of you to pray for my parakeet Mama Tweet. She is my first parakeet I ever owned and I Love her so much. She gave me most of my flock. She is a true mama and is the boss of all of the birdies. I got home Sunday night from Wisconsin (my dad takes care of my birds every weekend for me until we close up the cottage for the winter). She seemed a little off so I gave her some antibiotics that I have stored for bird emergencies. Gave her another dose yesterday. This morning when I went to give her another dose I noticed her abdomen was really distended and red I mean beet red. I totally thought she was retaining an egg since her mate Booger died she hasn't laid any eggs. I freaked cuz they can die right away from that, I quickly called my avian vet and rushed her in. Whelp it wasn't a retained egg, but fluid build up. He took her in the back to do a Abdominocentesis. The syringe was almost full with fluid she had retained. I was sent home with 3 meds and I will be getting a call when the results come in. He said the thing that concerned him was the color of the fluid, we may be looking at cancer. Please pray for my girl. I love her so much and would hate to see anything happen to her. She seems to feel and breathe much better now that there is some relief from the fluid pressing on her insides. If it isn't cancer we are looking at a female reproductive problem. The vet and vet tech's said she is a fighter and a really strong personalities. They also said she is ultra smart. She tried to be sneaky with them a few times. They said she fought the sedation. I am not surprised. Mama Tweet is a TUFF LIL GIRL!! I am just asking for your prayers to help her along. Thanks Ya'll!!! Here are a few pics from today: As you can see her abdomen is really destened Getting her weight after her fluid was taken. After being sedated, as you can see it didn't effect her much..LOL She is making sure the doctor is GOOD AND GONE!! Look at all of the gunk they sucked out of my poor little birdie!! ICK, this was 20% of her body weight
  6. I just looked up Cinnamon Greywing budgie mutations on google. I got no hits. I have a few friends who are really into budgies and the mutations. They all are confused about this chick. One swears it is Cinnamon and the othes say full body grey wing. But they all agree on one thing. She looks totally Neon. Which is funny cuz she looks like she almost glows in the dark. She is a very pretty birdie. I love her!! I was saying I hope I don't have a radio active toxic bird...LOL
  7. Hello, Go to the thread in this topic "Surprise Chick Update: Plus Bonus Photos". I have pictures of her parents.
  8. Just snapped a few pics of my new chick today. Also pictured it comparing it to her sibling. Was told by a friend that she is either a Cinnimon or Dilute full body Greywing. Still not sure but I think she is cute!!
  9. Thank You!!! And yes I have heard the problem may be the males....I wasn't sure if that was true!! thanks!!! Someone told me that the chick is a full body greywing or a cinnimon. Not sure?
  10. Hello Everyone, You might remember me from the "hmmm still learning what's up with this chick???" Thread. Huey and Trixie (as I now named the mother ) are doing fine and I wanted to share a few updated photos of the chick. The chick is now in a cage with a chick that broke her leg and 2 new blue babies. They are all very well behaved chicks and are not loud at all, they also do not try to bite me ever. So I figured they would all be great cage mates. Which they are, they get along so well. I also wanted to share that Huey's sister hatched out a surprise chick as well. I have taken some pictures of 3 of Huey's sisters and their mates. One of which has 4 chicks with her now, one of those chicks are a pretty nice color. So sorry in advance for the picture heavy post!!!! Here is the pretty chick of Huey and Trixie's with the 3 new cage mates: okay now here is the Pictures of Huey's sister and her mate whom I assume is Trixie's brother because I bought Trixie and the 3 Yellow males together and they all looked related. Here is the Male: Here are the male and female together: MORE PICTURES TO COME IN A FEW MINUTES......... I am going to be posting so many pictures in each reply because I don't want to flood the board with pictures. This is a picture heavy post SORRY Here are pictures of that pairs chicks.... Chick Number 1: Chick Number2: Chick Number 3: This Chick has a little more yellow in it: Chick Number 4: This is another surprise chick: MORE PICTURES IN A FEW MINUTES: I just wanted to quickly share photos of Huey and Trixie's 2 other brothers and sisters whom are paired up. Just to see if you guys see any more traits in the family genes!! Here is Bozette, Huey's sister...I hand fed her as a baby: Here is her Mate Cookie, Whom is Trixie's brother, as you can see he has a lil darker markings than his siblings: Bozette and Cookie had a clutch not too long ago and they all came out very dark and stripey. Kind of like their siblings babies Chick 1 and Chick 2 above, though darker. And Last but not least is Sugar and Spice. Sugar is the green one (Huey's other sister) and Spice is the yellow (Trixie's other brother). Sugar and Spice have bred several times and have had several eggs which she sits on and everything. The eggs never hatch and when putting them under an egg candle they are always infertile. So I am thinking there is a problem with one of them. But never the less they are 2 awesome birds. Hence the name Sugar, she is sweeter than sweet!!! Oh sorry Don't know why those pictures didn't show up....Let me know if the link doesn't work. It worked when I clicked on them. Thanks for letting me share my birdies with you!!!!
  11. I have another surprise bird hatched by Huey's younger sister. I am pretty excited about this!!!!
  12. Thank You!! Well you know, She is starting to look like a HE to me. I just took the chick out today, which is looking very pretty. I looked at the cere and it looks really male to me. Hmmmm....another mystery. LOL
  13. Chippy is very cute. I love his colors.
  14. Oh I love that video. That is so cute how they can talk like that.
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