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  1. that is very helpful to now know Nubbly5 thank you, I am going to let this pair have another round and hope for some more y/f cin skyblues, next time would you suggest I just pair them with normals to hopefully get to the bottom of which parent has the y/f and which one is split blue
  2. Hello GB yes you are very correct there is two different chicks in the photos the first chick is from a spangle cin grey/opal father and y/f grey mother the bottom two photos are the same baby from pied/opal/skyblue father and skyblue normal Mother
  3. WOW!!!! that is something special :camera:
  4. photos taken today as promised for Alpaca- boy :camera: Sibling All the kids
  5. UPDATE: I am very happy to report that my first two babies hatched this morning, while the egg count stands at at 45, every thing is going great :camera: Baby pics
  6. Thanks so much for you reply Alpaca- boy and Nubbly that helps me a lot ... I will go out and get some more photos for you today Alpaca-boy :bluebudgie:
  7. how exciting Dave, I also just got a new car picked it up a fortnight ago it is a XR6 sedan the colour is Nitro it is so great, I am very happy with it, we had a VT comm before that it was getting on and needing some money spent on it so was time for her to go.
  8. Here is a photo of my 3 Pomeranians Bunny, Cha & Yum
  9. thanks Dave they are my first lot of show budgies so I am very excited to see what babies they will have
  10. thanks kaz so the Dad would be just called dilute not greywing or would he be a greywing dilute and would the mum or dad be split yellowface
  11. maybe I got it wrong the baby might be cinn not greywing :rofl: Father Mother Chicks
  12. I have a Green Greywing (male) & Green & Yellow Rec pied pair that have produced 3 beautiful little chicks, I was just looking for some help on what the parents may be split for as the babies are skyblue y/f greywing, skyblue y/f normal and green normal, also what the babies may be split for. thanks :rofl:
  13. I have had a very good couple of weeks with the birds we now have 33 eggs in the show budgie cages and 11 eggs for the pets so all going strong and I am excitedly counting down to hatching day :rofl:
  14. Thanks for the links Kaz will print them out tonight and study, study, study
  15. most of the birds I have I do not know much back ground on I have an understanding on the df spangles, but I would like to know about df violet, df dom pied, and df grey.
  16. I was just wanting to ask if anyone knows of a good informative article on single & double factors in Budgies and wouldn't mind pointing me int he right direction for it, thanks
  17. Hi everyone, My cobalt and green paired pet type have had two babies hatch and I was wanting to just confirm with you all if it is opaline and if so the father would have to be split for it, is that right? the other little one that hatched is a normal cobalt like his Mama, Babe in question.. Dad other sibling and Mama
  18. Hi JB I too am just learning I have only been breeding budgies for a couple of years mainly pets but this lot is my first step to getting into the show ring and I am lucky enough to know the background on them, the green you enquired about is not split blue, I am looking forward to seeing the babies from these pairings and getting closer to breeding my first budgie show entry
  19. thought I would start a breeding journal to share some pictures with you all of the pairs that I have put together this week
  20. what a wonderful result for you and your birds , congratulations!
  21. Spalt your birds are beautiful I just love the spangles, can't wait to hear how you get on at the show.
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