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  1. to add to this thread...at how many weeks can l take the baby budgie out of the nestbox...so l can teach it to be hand tamed etc?
  2. thanks alot john very helpful!...atm its 9-40pm so il upload some photos tomorow
  3. its not colony breeding its normal breeding ( i,e two birds in one cage with one nestbox)..the chicks that died were roughly couple days old :S but they were all pink no feathers, and some of the crops on the ded babies were full some werent. l think its to blame on the parents looking after babies for the first time and me being novice, i.e not feeding babies if they werent being fed.
  4. Do l have to wait for the little budgie to get out of the box before l introduce the temporary housing for it on the floor of the cage ( the ice-cream house...to make more sense lol) OR do l just make the temporary house for it and if it goes in there it goes...Also what do l put inside the temporary house, could l put feathers and newspapers?
  5. two of my birds died in the nest box and l was wondering what could have caused this? By The Way they are babies and tehre was a total of 5 eggs, 4 hatched, 2 alive (looking good). Also at what week can l take them out of the nesting box and put them in a seperate cage?
  6. where can l buy lvermectin? ... l live in the st george area, sydney so if you know any good vets locally..please tell me
  7. went and saw the nestbox with one egg can't wait till it actually hatches and more egg's arrive. Will post pictures tomorrow
  8. lf they are inside a shed or somewhere where rain can't get them but he sun can, then it should be fine. However if its wet and your birds are exposed to it, l doubt they will breed and it make cause diseases.....as you can obvously seen i am a very novice breeder so don't take my opinions strongly lol
  9. thanks but...stupid me but it from a petshop so l have no idea about the colour of there parents. To be honest l aint to fussy about colour l dont mind any
  10. bird 2 is the blue bird in picture one so yes it is a male lol
  11. Anyone got reviews/feedback on my local pet store living jungle, ramsgate? Personally known the pet shop since 2004 as a young boy. There birds are not in the best of health especially the 50 budgies they have and 20 or so cockatiels. There canarys/finches are placed in small cages and they are alone :S while there is another HUGE cage full of canarys. They have a huge macaw in a huge cage lol but it has been there for atleast 6 years and l feel kinda sorry for it, l am hoping the owner takes it home or something; but then again customers love to talk to it so he gets to have some fun. There fish are good, very clean. There bird products/toys/food etc are good except they sell perches that are made up of sandpaper material, which l don't like bcs obviously it isn't good for your bird. Recently they started selling dogs only 2 kinds l believe and they stock only 4. However l know all pets shop do this but they are in such small glass containers...feel sorry for them .
  12. bad guess lol its cassisi pets and produce ...just remembered it..its been a while since l have been there but all i know was it was huge and stocked alot of birds and alot of seeds/trays/cages etc.
  13. birds Birds 2 there we go sorry for the delay in uploading them
  14. il take some pics now il upload in an hour or so, got to walk to petshop buy some millet
  15. Is this the first time you have them millet spray? If it is the budgies have never seen it before so give it time and once they slowly have some they will love it.
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