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  1. I agree with Kaz they can do quite well with one leg. I had a lovebird with only a stump and he used to climb all over his cage including upsode down, never bothered him in the least.
  2. He has never seemed particularly keen on his vegies(typical little boy :rofl: ) but as Jimmy discovered he's a sucker for the oats. His cage was next to my little tame girls cage and she's a total sucker for her fruit and veg, especially peas and apple so I had hoped he might get the idea and copy but it seems he'd prefer his oats :mallet: I don't think he'll ever be a huge bird as far as show birds go but I suspect that it is more to do with a rough start and hand raising which tends to result in a smaller bird as well as opposed to genetics. i think in the future he would be expected
  3. Sounds like the ones in the other nest may not be fertile, have you candled the eggs?
  4. Thought I'd clear up the health concerns for everyone. The babies have NEVER had any contact with any of the ill birds, they are kept inside the house on their own with my tame hen and the sick birds were only ever in the garage. I of course have practiced safe handling so that nothing is passed on by my handling of ill birds, etc None of the other budgies in the breeding area or any of my other larger birds became ill either, only the ones in my large aviary where the birds from the dodgy breeder ended up. The little grey guy's issues are under checking by the vet at the moment but he
  5. It was awesome Jimmy, we had that done at about 17 weeks through one of the private mobs so that's about three weeks ago now. I was amazed though when I went for my hospital US on Monday, not only did she do 3D but I also got about 40 minutes of DVD as well and all I paid was $20 for the DVD!!! Didn't get that last time around, if I'd known that was going to happen I wouldn't have paid for the 17 week one. Celeste is due on the 21st of September, I'll be 20 weeks on Monday so we are basically half way which is pretty cool, kind of a milestone. I start to relax as of about 25 weeks, t
  6. I have an ultrasound picture, I'll put a thread in general
  7. 21st of September, I'm almost exactly half way now Pie
  8. I assume you mean beak and not back? A photo would really help.
  9. Thanks Maesie, it's a bit of a blur as to who is lost and who isn't as so many looked similiar but I could always tell the difference by comparing them, however sadly I'm pretty sure Tweet Tweet did pass away, I will know for sure once they are all looking well as other than the very different ones they don't really look themselves at the moment still a bit fluffed and skinny. Once the birds have recovered more I plan to move them into a smaller aviary(still isolated from my other birds) and do a full disinfect of the large aviary and then leave it empty for a while to make sure there is n
  10. Nope MM, my little men are Alex and Max :sad:
  11. Hi all, it's been a while sorry I haven't updated. Been feeling pretty upset about the whole budgie thing and have also had my four year old in for tonsil surgery and he's been a mess ever since so my brain is fried. We also isolated mega dn canker here too, the birds crashed REALLY quickly here, lost huge numbers in the space of a couple of days. Out of an original flock of 70+ I have 14 left :sad: , the ones that are left are still not out of the woods yet but slowly seem to be improving. Interestingly as far as proportions go a larger proportion of the birds from the aforementio
  12. Unfortunately Maesie it's not as simply as a screen door. I don't have a walk in door on my cgarage, the door at the back is a single car size garage door. I rent otherwise I'd have some sort of permanent frame erected with wire in it.
  13. I don't believe I have broken any quarantine rules, I'm fairly strict. I have had psitticosis here once before ages ago but I picked it up during quarantine and isolated it and it never made it to any ofmy aviaries, I learnt then just how important quarantine is. The only 'outside' birds that may have accessed near the aviary are pigeons that sometimes get themselves into the garage through the back door if I leave it open on a nice day.
  14. Macka I can only speak for AV and myself but it is extremely rare that either of our birds get ill. In this case we both got some birds from a breeder that we know and trusted, we quarantined, etc and all of a sudden we have both had problems at the same time. Personally I would be surprised if our two illnesses were unrelated, needless to say I'm not very impressed with this 'trusted breeder' right now
  15. Unfortunately we have Splat The two grey green youngsters from the same nest and most of the others aren't looking good. I am crop needling most of them now other than a few that are still looking pretty goos and are drinking on their own.
  16. Just did a late check then as I have heat lights going on them 24 hrs so I can sneak a peak without bothering them. About 15 are still perching although not all of those look 100%, the rest have all huddled under the heat lights. Most of those are quite weak so I've put some shallow water dishes down with their meds(which I have seen a fair few of them drinking) and also just spread seed all over the floor where they are huddled as they are picking at it slowly and eating while they rest. No more dead since I checked after lunch...
  17. This saga has played out over the course of a number of days Heathrow, we lost the first on Monday, started treating on Tuesday(initially it was only the one that died which looked ill and we didn't realise the magnitude of the problem) and we are still loosing them now.
  18. That is the species we have in the daintree I have a feeling that some of our cockatoos feed on the cones, maybe do a google for cockatoo and kauri pine and see if you can find something. If cockatoos eat it I can't imagine it being bad for budgies
  19. Do you mean the Kauri Pine? We do have it here up in the rainforest in queensland(if it's the same one). I think it's okay but not positive
  20. Have just read AVs post about her losses, we got birds from the same breeder :yellowhead: I will be taking one of those birds back to the vet in the morning to be retested, I need to be sure I'm treating the right thing.
  21. OMG AV I just read this post, all my birds are dying too!!! My vet thought (and has tested for) psitiicosis but I might get him to check again on one of 'those' birds and see if he picks up something else. For everyone else I also got a heap of birds from the same source AV did. :yellowhead:
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