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  1. Photos would be most helpful in helping everyone identify what you've got... To begin with, your male is split opaline!
  2. If you were to drill a hole in a cap and hang the hook of the coat hanger off there.......
  3. Those roses must be some age! Assuming that some of them are the same plants as in the photo from the '60s!!
  4. Is there a particular reason why you would want to use bleach to clean walls.....?? I would imagine that to be completely unnecessary. As Kaz has said white vinegar is a great cleaner, although still unnecessary for cleaning walls I would think!
  5. Is it just me or is there an evil glint in that eye.....
  6. I agree on the eye colour, look black to me, also, looks like she has wing markings....?
  7. Very sad news. On the positive side, she lives on through her many offspring.
  8. Poor thing is about to explode!!
  9. I think the DF dom pied versus combination pied argument is a little tricky to resolve! The following pics are my birds that are combo pied (parents dom pied and rec pied). Note their similiarity to Kaz's DF dom pieds....... I have a couple more exactly the same. SJW
  10. Wow, just checked out the website, very impressive!! Congratulations!!
  11. Really love that action shot of Twitch!! Lovely chicks Dave!!
  12. Sorry about that.. I'm just constantly amazed by how much you can learn on this site!!
  13. I assume they would have been 2 single factor greys, so outcome would have been 25% chance of double factor grey, 50% chance single factor grey and 25% chance blue (mauve in your case)....
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