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  1. Awesome Chookbreeder! Congrats I got a 6th and a 2nd
  2. Many of us on here show, Did you go today? Did you take birds?? How did you do??? Please share your stories
  3. Good luck at the show Sunday. De-spotting is the pits. i hate it. I am taking two birds to the show as requested by the president of my club... will be fun to see where they rank.. There will be some wild competition there with KK showing - he has amazing birds and won around half of the classes last rear
  4. From all the rumours i have heard through the clubs, the prices at this auction would be insane! He is South Australia's Super breeder and he makes a LOT of money at this auction. KK birds are Not cheap. You visit his stud and want a bird, he will charge you $1000 and he will hand you a bird that you can not even pick for your self. I would go to the auction, but i wouldn't expect to get anything. Would be interesting to hear what you all report after
  5. Lol, i dont know where he is... have you sent him a PM??
  6. Poor girl! what a huge litter. Will you be able to bottle feed some pups to help take the load off her while she is not well?
  7. Oh, i hope Maggie is alright.
  8. this is quite common in hens about to start their second round, you didn't cause this. You have done the right thing by removing the mother. Dad will finish the feeding, just ensure he has plenty of soft food to make feeding easier.
  9. **Liv**

    Too Cold?

    it will depend on body condition. if your indoor budgie is used to being warm and sheltered, then they wont have as much fat as the outside birds. If your budgie feels nice and solid in your hand, then it should be okay.
  10. i would give them apple cider vinegar in their water while you wait for the vet. I have found it good for settling their vomiting.
  11. Hi All, North East Budgie Club have their young stock show on Next saturday (8th off May) and it will be open to the public from 1:30 till 2:30pm The show is held at: The Kilburn Hall Le Hunte Street KILBURN All birds shown are blue ring birds only... Hope to see you there :hmm:
  12. The condition of this hen is so sad. I am so happy you are treating this poor girl. well done
  13. fertility runs in the family All her babies are gorgeous and its been great to watch them grow up.
  14. Ohhhhh Very Nice!!! You will be able to hold lots of show cages in that We got a new car a few weeks ago too... so i understand your excitment and i love the smell
  15. Birds and live stock will only travel on Qantas flights. If you want them as your luggage, you need to fly qantas. Any other airline, even jet star, the birds will travel separately to you.
  16. fluffy, in any case, means he has a fever. get him in a hospital cage with a heat lamp on him and keep him warm. I think he needs a vet visit to be diagnosed.
  17. April is not a good month to be moving birds due to the annual moult. I hope his feathers heal fast. I have mine on the breeding mix at the moment with soaked seed, iodine, pro-biotic, budgie starter and also a pinch of Spirulina. Perhaps give the birds their doxy in soaked seed rather than in water so they can feed their feather growth too
  18. its a waiting game for now. yes, it is very unusual to have a budgie with a green tail like that so please hold onto that bird and some of its relatives until we know what is happening with it. it may be nothing, or it may be quite special
  19. check out this PDF ----> Melanistic Spangles and this thread http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/lofive...php/t15339.html some of mine... it is suspected that their dad is a melanisitc spangle http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index....p;hl=melanistic
  20. not sure. they are white on a blue bird, so they are probably yellow on a green bird too.. but the tail looks spangle... to me with the black tip
  21. very interesting... i wonder if its a melanistic spangle... would be interesting to see how it looks after a moult or two
  22. i love the progression of this thread. the babies are looking great too
  23. gorgeous photos! what a stunning morning
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