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  1. Hi ChrissieThank you for responding as you did. I hope your Percy doesn't have the same problem...and I hope he turns out just fine. But the avian vet did happen to mention that sometimes the lameness disappears and then does come back. And sometimes the tumors mysteriously just stop growing. I think I will phone them today to find out if they have conferred over the x-ray. I'd also like to ask them if they have any alternative medicine choices...who knows. They didn't offer anything up like that though. I have found though, that when the vets don't give me many options, I end up in res
  2. Thank you for your hugs and wishes. Much appreciated. We just lost Bluie's girlfriend a very short time ago. It's so cruely ironic that now we must face this with Bluie. Well, the vet doesn't seem keen on surgery and neither do we. He's so tiny, and we would rather not take the risk of losing him during surgery. If it's cancerous, it may have matastasized (sp) and even if it's not cancerous, who knows how the tumor has formed and what it has wrapped itself around. The vet told us they could do a barium dye to find out for sure. But at this point I am waiting for both doctors to co
  3. Bluie (my tamest and sweetest budgie) http://maureena.net/Images/Berdie010.jpg has been favouring his left foot, still using it but not putting a lot of weight on it and raising it in the air quite a bit. We took him to the avian vet who gave us some anti-inflamatory and sent us home to just watch him for the next few days. When it didn't improve, we brought him back and we had x-rays done. One appears perfectly healthy, but the other x-ray she told us was ominous and showed us the shadows and suspects that Bluie has tumors in the kidney area and they are pressing on his sciatic nerve.
  4. Thank you everyone, it's nice to have a place to grieve where people understand.
  5. Alex http://maureena.net/Alex.html I came home yesterday after work to find Alex at the bottom of her cage. She was still alive but barely, I picked her up and held her in my hands and she died shortly after, just quietly closed her eyes and left. Alex had been sick for about a year. She was diagnosed with fatty liver disease and sometimes we thought we were winning the battle, she'd have really good days and then she'd have some really bad ones. She and Bluie were bonded, and Bluie looked after her and made sure she was fed. He did an amazing job for so long. He will sorely
  6. Well, everything in moderation as they say. A little broccoli and a little kayle won't hurt, but feeding these things constantly could do damage I would imagine. I try and mix it up a bit with different greens.
  7. My birds love broccoli and kale, but I have been more cautious with how much I give them now. Broccoli and kayle are goitrogenic agents, which interfere with the normal production of thyroxine by the thyroid glands, may result in Avian Goiter (Thyroid Hyperplasia or Dysplasia). Feeds containing goitrogenic agents include soybean, flax, rapeseed, kale, cabbage, broccoli, and turnips. http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/VM029
  8. Maureena how do you cook yours, air popped or with a little oil? I was thinking that maybe if it was popped with a little Cod liver oil or Safflower oil.. Cod liver oil would give them an additional source of iodine, more vitamins and Safflower oil is rich in essential fatty acids. Just a thought Hi Una, I just air pop mine plain. I haven't tried to add anything. I just feel they need a treat sometimes too and plain popcorn hasn't seemed to have hurt them. The hamster also would be standing up peering out through his cage when it was being made too, and he was pretty greedy about
  9. I'm also interested to hear what the answer will be because I DO give my budgies plain popcorn (no salt or additives) occasionally and I have to tell you it's their top favorite treat. The only way to describe it is a feeding frenzy. Their little faces are covered in the stuff.
  10. Hi I've been putting a few drops of raspberry cordial in my budgies drinking water for a while now. Since I found it difficult to find raspberry cordial store bought, or if I did it was rather expensive, I make my own from frozen raspberries. I make a batch of cordial and it lasts for quite a while in the fridge. I boil my water for my budgies, let it cool and then I run it through a Brita filter. I put this in larger bottles and add a few drops of raspberry cordial to that and store them in the fridge. I have no idea whether or not they "love" it, they treat it no differently th
  11. hiya I would take her to the vet to have her beak trimmed and they could do a check up to see if everything is okay. One of mine had an overgrown beak and the vet trimmed it, the vet recommended I not try doing that myself. I wouldn't have tried it anyway. Mine have lots of wood to chew on.
  12. Hi As Lovey said, you need to take her to a vet to check this out. As she indicated, "giving them medication they may not need is not good and can be more harmful." We shouldn't play doctor when we don't know what's wrong. Only an avian veterinarian is qualified to make a diagnosis and prescribe the correct medication. Lovey also has a point about the "good" bacteria (flora) within the stomach which will be killed off by antibiotics. And everyone knows these days that giving antibiotics without there being a valid reason, just makes bacteria all the stronger.
  13. :hap: that's too funny...I don't feel so bad now! (Laughing out loud)
  14. Didn't realize so many people had so many finger/toe lovin budgies! :-)