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  1. My little guy Omlet was like that too when I got him. Very young, didn't know how to fly, he would plummet to the ground everytime he tried to fly. I was worried that he would never learn frankly hahaha. So during my training, I made sure that he was in a quiet bathroom with just me so he usually wasn't frightened enough to fly away. After his moult, he did learn how to fly though and now the little bugger is faster than any of my other budgies, (Laughing out loud).
  2. (Laughing out loud)! What a funny little guy, too excited about food that he literally dives in?
  3. :hap: How does he let you put him on his back like that!? (Laughing out loud) that's hilarious My budgies would have a cow and sit in the corner of their cage and eye me suspiciously if I did that. Budgiebird, can you come train my budgies???
  4. AWW He is so adorable, how does one produce such lovely budgie babies? That little guy is definitely very photogenic, doesn't fail to look achingly cute in every photo!
  5. AWWW too cute! He's such a handsome little fellow and silly too! The food bowl thing reminds me when I first brought my little Omelet home, he would sleep in the foodbowl bc I think it was very comforting for him, you can never be too far away from food i guess!
  6. OMG SO CUTE!!! Squeaker is adorable!! I think the captions are what do it for me, they are very fitting and obviously come from someone who understands budgies very well, (Laughing out loud).
  7. You should keep all the feathers and make expensive budgie pillows out of them, hehehehe
  8. I know you're still mourning and of course upset about all the deaths of your budgies, but I'm sure the people who you perceive to be "blaming you for your budgie's death" are really just trying to help you and help your budgies live a healthier life. I know it can sound accusational, but many people here are experienced budgie owners (i'm not saying I'm one, haha) who are just giving out some handy bits of advice they've learned. There's nothing to be offended by really.
  9. Wow! So cute!!! Feathers going every which way :ausb: I have a question, do you just stick him in the shower, does he try to get away from the shock of it all? My budgies are frightened to death of the shower.
  10. Eeeeeheeeheee, Twitter is the cute perpetual puff ball, so cute!
  11. I too am a little worried because this new one seems like a "rebound budgie," just as you wouldn't think that a rebound relationship is very healthy. Although it is too late to let this little one go, I hope that in the future you will give yourself some time to mourn and accept the death of a feathered friend than hurry to replace him/her.
  12. lei

    Cage Setups

    New cage came in today, same place where Eterri bought her cage, it was a great deal!
  13. lei

    Yes I'm Back

    He's so cute i want to eat him.... :bluebudgie:
  14. Just wondering, how cold does it get there and what are the lowest temps budgies can withstand? I have no idea and just curious because you're wearing a coat... great aviary!
  15. Ooo Ooo! I want to play!! Poofy Omlet and tail wagging Is that Kitty or a neon fireball? And lastly Squirt, looking more portly than usual This is fun!
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