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Need Help Taming Timid Budgie

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okay so about a month ago, we went to a petstore that rescues birds, to get our third budgerigar.           

 I'm having a little trouble taming him and was wondering if anyone who's experienced this could help!

 I took about two weeks with my hand in his cage, reading to him, then hand on his perch, then feeding him millet (which he is taking and eating out of my hand) and he seemed like he was progressing in that way. He understands how to step up, but is very fearful of my hand.

we were catching him to weigh him, which might have slowed the process. My family recommended I catch him, bring him out, and just hold him to try and get him used to me, which worked with our other birds, so I tried but he only seems more scared of me now.

so basically, hes very scared of my hand and coming out of his cage. If I chase him around the cage, and press my finger against him right, he steps up. I try really hard not to chase him, but I admit, sometimes it happens. If he gets out of the cage and has fallen, he will flap to my finger for me to "save him" and put him somewhere safe.

how do I get him to not be so fearful of my hand and coming out of his cage?

 I really love his personality, and I would love for him to trust and bond with me



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