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X1 Male Budgerigar For Sale - Orange/sydney Nsw

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We have for sale one cobalt blue, male budgie.


He hatched on 24th November 2014 - bred from an albino female and a sky blue spangle male (see photo below).


He appears to be of normal colouration - no mutation.


He has been hand tamed from 3 weeks old, and is already jumping on the finger to come outside of the cage. He is eating on his own, and has taken to eating millet, fresh grass seed on stalk, parsley, oregano and spinach. He is still mastering the art of flying, but is getting the hang of it quite quickly. Absolutely beautiful nature.


Excellent pet, would be great for future breeding also.


Keen to see him go to a good home - $30. We'll even throw in a flight cage. We are based in Orange NSW, but travel to the Southern Highlands and Sydney quite frequently. Please PM or reply below if interested.






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what part of the southern highlands do you frequent? thanks

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