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Freighting Birds.

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Hi All


I need some advise.


I have someone wanting to buy about 6 of my birds and I need to freight them from Brisbane to Sydney.


Not sure how to go about this.


Can anyone please advise me.


Many Thanks

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1. Build or buy a transport box.


2. Weigh and measure said box with birds inside as well as seed on the floor and water in a secured drinker.


3. Ring up Australian Air Express and check flight availability. Book a direct flight only. Book a day that is good for you to drive to the Brisbane airport and whoever is picking the birds up from Sydney Airport.


4. Drop the birds off at Australian Air Express. There is always an extra 10% charge on the day.

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Hi Drogo


Thank you so much for your advice.


I will now take it all on board.

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  • 3 months later...

Hi A'shaar,

How much did it end up costing to freight the birds?

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I'm pretty sure AAE is the cheapest. I have used Dog Tainers also they are good, 30 birds from Melbourne to Brisbane was about $130 if I remember correctly.

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Hi Rochelle


I not sure of the cost as the person who was after them in Sydney never got back to me.



Rachelm I have heard the same that AAE is the cheapest.

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