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Checking Some Fruits, And How Do You Feed It To Your Budgies?

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Heya all!


Well, Piccolo and Scout are doing very well, and we also have three very adorable guinea pigs in our family too! ;)


Because we feed the guineas a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, I just wanted to check the success rate of feeding some of these fruits/vegies to budgies:



Honeydew melon




We give the guineas watermelon as well, but it might be a bit TOO watery for my little cherubs! :bliss:


Also, I was curious how people feed fruits and veges to their birds. At the moment, I use pegs and peg it to the side of the cage so that the boys can peck a chunk without losing it onto the floor! What other methods do others use?

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i give my little man his fruit/vegies when im preparing our dinner. it always goes in the same container and if im late he lets me know.

he likes corn, carrot, silver beat. apple

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mine all dig in together toss it around when eating. i grate the carrot i give them mixed with corn, endive, sprouts, peas plus apples, grapes and pears sliced up when they get some fruit (no seeds)

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My boy enjoys rockmelon, watermelon, strawberries, cucumber ...no that last one is wrong, he doesn't enjoy it is LOVES it! Broccoli is a big favourite.


I wouldn't recommend capsicum...simply because I would suspect it could be a bit much....they say don't feed birds onions and I would think capsicum could be the same? I could be wrong.


I got a stainless steel fruit kabob holder from the pet shop the other day (AUD 4.95) and it has no sharp edges or anything like that...you just thread the fruit on it and attach it to the cage. Before that I just poked the fruit into the side of the cage, sometimes holding it with a clothes peg. He loves to sit on a half slice of cucumber too and peck away at it (I should post the video...he's so adorable).

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I cut everything up and put it together at the bottom on the cage in a small round dish, my guys see the dish coming and flip out and even land on my hands to get to it as quick as they can.


I have given my guys peppers (I give my green cheeks them and they LOVE them) none of them seem to be in love with it and I have not heard anything about it being bad for them

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I haven't fed peppers myself (I don't eat them very much) but I know people who do and they've been fine. I seem to remember someone telling me that they don't taste 'hot' the same way we do. The reason not to feed onions is because of a dangerous compound inside them, not for the taste.


I used to use pegs - they have a green peg where I always put new food so they know it's edible. But lately I've been making them forage for their food, it keeps them active and busy. Aside from the kabob thing mentioned above, I have a few natural eucalyptus perches. I drilled holes all around the perches. I pass wooden skewers through the perch and put fruit or veggies on them. Sometimes I put the veggies right through the hole so it looks like a little tree. Their food is presented to them differently each day, so it gives them a bit of daily variation. They also have to work to get the fruit off the skewers. They're also in big chunks so they have to work to break it into little pieces for eating. Half the fun is ripping it to bits. Then they go down and eat the little pieces they made.



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