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2009 Monthly Winners

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This post is just to keep track of the 2009 Budgie of the Month Winners and will remained closed for comments. To congratulate any winner you can go to the Competition Forum and you will find a specific thread started on each individual winner where you can congratulate them. You may view this post.


January 2009, mysixbabies CLICK HERE to post a congratulations




This photo has been moved or deleted so is no longer eligible for Budgie of the Year, all winning photos can remain hosted by the member of the picture BUT must stay up so we know that they were the original photo that won.


February 2009, sailorwolf Click HERE to post a congratulations



March 2009, taken by Dean_NZ CLICK HERE to post a congratulations



April 2009, taken by Kazzy, CLICK HERE to Congratulate



May 2009, taken by budgieloverkristy, CLICK HERE to post a Congrats.



June 2009, taken by summer CLICK HERE to congratulate

Budgie of the Year Winner 2009 CLICK HERE to congratulate



July 2009, taken by dek21, to congratulate CLICK HERE



August 2009, taken by Neville, to congratulate CLICK HERE



September 2009, taken by Kaz, to congratulate CLICK HERE



October 2009, taken by Neville, CLICK HERE to congratulate




November 2009, taken by GenericBlue, CLICK HERE to Congratulate



December 2009, picture taken by Naomi, Click HERE to Congratulate


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