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  3. More veg and definitely pellets. My birds are on Harrisons very good brand can't go wrong.
  4. Hi I purchased a budgie from a breeder and noticed after his crop seemed large its really worried me just hope someone on here can advise me on what to do. Really am concerned. Mitch.
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  6. I have two budgies that are bonded to each other and refusing to tame so I am going to take one and put him in a separate cage and move him into a different room. And I am wondering if this is bad for them?
  7. I have two male budgies, one a year old and the other slightly younger. They are Mischa and Baby. Baby is the youngest and is a rainbow budgie. I let them out for about an hour a day and they fly around while I clean their cage. Often times they will return to the cage by themselves. Today I put Mischa in first and closed the top door of the cage so he would not decide to fly out, but I did not lock it. Baby decided to show off and would not let me bring him back. So I left him alone and when I turned around, Baby had flown to the closed top door of the cage and actually pulled it open with his beak and hopped right in !! So now his new name is Baby Einstein!
  8. Sadly, their wings don't health. 😣 My udgie has had a broken wing for already a year and he still can't fly.😭 I put a nesting box into his cage as well because we have a female budgie and it was in for already two months and they still haven't bred!😭😭
  9. Really hard for me to tell. I've been going with girl because they are much more common in albino but sometimes the hints of blue in the cere make me wonder. Any guesses? She is full albino camera doesn't catch her red eyes all that well. About 4 months old
  10. Hi everyone Can you identify this bird. Is it melanistic spangle recessive pied hagoromo? Or just spangle recessive pied hagoromo? I couldn't find any identifying features. I am sharing a video. The baby in my hand is the one I need to get identified. The spangle pair are the parents. Other two the blue opaline female and fallow birds are foster siblings Thanks May_17.mp4
  11. I have budgies and I learned now that cage should be at eye level of walking person. But what about sitting person? Budgies cage is on my desk. The desk table is two meters long and about one meter deep. The cage currently is 80cm x 40cm x 40cm and is aligned along the desk length, sitting at the right back corner. My eyes are at the same level as the top of the cage. When I stand up, my eyes level is significantly higher. Would you suggest to move it up, leaving some desk space below the cage where I can do my homework while the cage is on four long legs, or to get a cage that is two times higher and it still uses this desk space? i.e. Current position: My desk space with a monitor that is about 50cm high. || Bird cage (about 80cm high). Concerns: - bird cage possibly too small, - my desk space possibly too small, - unused space at the top. Version 1 of new position: My desk space with a monitor that is about 50cm high. || Bird cage (about 160cm high). In this case + birds can choose to be at eye level of either sitting or standing human. + The birds cage is doubled in height, but - still short. Version 2 of new position: Level 2: Nothing || Bird cage (about 80cm high) is elevated 80cm above desk level, there is possibly space for another person to work. Level 1: My doubled desk space. ? In this case the birds are a bit above eye level at all times when I sit, but at eye level of walking people. (Good or bad?) + I get my desk space increased twofold. Version 3 of new position: level 2: Bird cage (>120cm long, >120cm high, 40cm deep - elevated above doubled desk space - on four long legs. level 1: My doubled desk space. In this case ? Birds are a bit above eye level at all times when I sit, but at eye level of walking people. (Good or bad?) + I get my desk space increased twofold. + The cage is also significantly larger and longer. + Space above is used more effectively. ... I have a screen at my desk, but I don't play music or videos on it. The TV is in another area in the house. Is it important for birds to be at eye level of sitting people or walking people or both? Do they need a longer or higher cage? What is more important? They might start to breed soon. Please help and give me advice about this. How did this work out for you? Thank you.
  12. Any animal in pain without recourse of healing needs the final sleep. The “good death” as opposed to a horrible one. Including humans. And certainly for myself. In America we have the DNR. Do Not Resuscitate; decided by us and signed by our doctor and our witnesses. Some humans have a lot of trouble making that decision. I did not. I wish to be as peaceful and relaxed as possible should i be taken off of life support. I would want no less for my dear animals. We have hospice to care for terminally ill humans. We could organize that for exceptionally emotional pet owners; to support each other in preparing for loss. Do not be afraid of death, for as wisdom tells us, it has been our patient friend all along. Make sure to take comfort in it, for it is promised to all.
  13. In the western USA, in Oregon, Portland region, there are precious few Avian Vets. Having moved to 6 miles south of Lake Oswego area; a fancy Portland suburb where there is a bird vet, I decided to drive to the avian veterinarian’s office to meet the doctor, be aware of travel time and say hello. I wanted to know the face of the doctor who might meet my four budgies. I found the office a frantic place, due to a number of emergency visits; bird owners sitting nervously in the waiting area. I still have yet to meet the doctor, of course, with the pandemic, it’s not likely to be soon. However, i was told that a “well-bird” checkup would cost $84 dollars a budgie, with possible $150 per bird if any test was needed. Budgies in the Portland Oregon region retail for $25 each. DNA gender tests can range from $45 to $60 in young budgies. I found out that in some pieds and other mutations, cere color and detail can sometimes not be a trusted indicator of gender. There needs to be a safe way for serious bird keepers to learn how to 🧬 DNA test our own birds correctly. $150 a budgie for a simple test is too steep for my budget. We must find a better way.
  14. I find my four budgies to eat or at least pick at droppings if they do not get millet spray within 30 minutes of searching for it. Im trying to get them onto Harrisons excellent budgie Fine Pellets. They are not going easily to that !😢
  15. Brad101

    First Time

    First time. Lots of questions. First when can you hold new budgies.? Want them very friendly. When should I seperate them from parents?
  16. Hi my budgie lost use of both legs for no reason. No trama or anything. At first It could stand on the perch using one leg but a couple days ago It can’t and it’s just lying on some of the perches. It can’t use its feet at all. It’s been able to fly around but I see that it’s butt seems clogged badly and I cleaned It the first time but it’s so stressful to catch her because he isn’t used to humans and is quit scared of us. I feel like I’m doing more harm in trying to catch her. I honestly don’t know what to do this budgie has a best friend who’s been sticking by her side. I’ve always had happy budgies. I can’t take her to the vet so I really don’t know what things I can do to help ;(((
  17. Based on these photos Kiwi is a boy and Tiki is a girl. I love the matching names, so cute!❣️
  18. Did you take this photo? If so what a gorgeous bird and picture!
  19. They're all so gorgeous oh my goodness! I have never seen a bird like the dark blue variation so if it were me I would choose it but you can't go wrong no matter what you choose.
  20. I had an absolutely horrific case of Coccidiosis that wiped out 6 birds from my aviary, one of them was the first budgie I ever bought and another two I hand raised myself 😔 When I spoke to a vet they told me to give them vitamin B3. If the vet had diagnosed it correctly the first time all 6 birds or at least 5 birds would still be alive today.
  21. I so appreciate this. It is absolutely heartbreaking when you have to but sometimes it's the most humane thing to do. Better people be frustrated that it's being discussed than others accidently doing awful things to their birds.
  22. Hi everyone 😄! I bought this beautiful baby boy about 2 weeks ago and I absolutely adore him. In the last couple of days I have noticed these strange brown-blackish markings on his beak. He has been pruning himself like mad everyday (I have sprayed him and my aviary for mites and lice) and when I took this photo today I discovered he's also scratching at his beak. I'm nervous but I'm hoping it's just a bruise as he's always harassing one of my older males (No serious harm but every now and then the but beaks 😝 ) In google-fashion upon doing a search a bunch of horrifying things come up. I heard that it could be a lack of vegetables which is a possibility as the rest of the birds in my aviary reject most vegetables (except for carrots) so I don't put some out every day. As you can see in some of the pictures I was desperately trying to get him to eat some carrot but he wasn't interested. Any ideas/advice/people with past experience? I ran my fingers gently over his beak and there's no lumps or bumps
  23. Picking up a baby budgie in 4 days from a lovely lady who locally breeds budgies, but can't decide on which one!I know it's a mattter of taste, but what would you choose? (in the first picture choosing between the left and right, not middle). And am I right that the first budgie there is cobalt blue and not violet? Would love to know peoples thoughts on which one to choose! I'm so excited
  24. no,all Budgerigars display this behavior.
  25. you have these three budgie mutations in your Budgerigars genetic makeup: Violet (other mutations present: Sky-blue, Opaline, Spangle),yellow-face type 2 sky-blue opaline spangle,and a Lutino American parakeet (solid yellow with red/pink eyes)
  26. when we first got Baby our budgie that sounds like a canary. she would sleep like a bat for some-reason i thought i was personality,one of her quirks,or because snowcone our other parakeet would attempt to bite,peck,and fuss at Baby cuz at first Snowcone would try to peck at Baby's feet for some-reason. but now they have their own designated bird swings Baby's is yellow like her and Snowcone's swing is the green swing,Every time one gets even two or three inches away from the other they'll make an angry chitter noise they even fight over who gets which feeder for some-reason!🦜😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🕊🦜🦜🦜
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