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Need Help Deciding Which Parent To Remove

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Hi everyone! 
My bonded pair recently had eggs and now they’ve hatched and are currently between 18-22 days old! It’s super exciting!

But I’ve noticed the female tends not to always feed them on time and doesn’t spend time with the in the nesting box keeping them warm. They’re still young and do need that still. 
On the other hand the father is very attentive and cares about them a lot but doesn’t feed them, mum does that but very rarely:( 

This isn’t the reason I need to remove one parent, I’ve noticed that they’ve begun mating again and I really don’t want to put her at risk with a second clutch, she’s lost loads of weight and is very skinny already. She ended up laying 8 eggs (of which only 2 survived, there would’ve been 4 but she stopped sitting on them near the end which caused 2 to pass away from the cold.. 

She’s clearly not ready for a second clutch, it could be fatal. So obviously I should remove her from them and let her recover. Which is what I want to do but the father doesn’t know how to feed chicks and I don’t have formula on hand.

What do I do? Remove the dad? But she doesn't eat much unless forced by the dad. 


Please help🙏🙏

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