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Budgie twisting head funny

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My bird has been acting strange of late. I'm thinking possible metal poisoning, or mites or lice. Any help would be appreciated.

The bird is between 1-2 years old and these are some of the things I've noticed:-


Bird is turning/twisting head around funny to the point of head being upside down. 
Regurgitates a lot of the time. Sometimes at the mirror but I've read this is to feed the bird it see's in the mirror.
Has been biting the bars of the cage until the coating has come off.
Rubbing head on the bars.
Attacking mirror when head twisting happens.

Is still eating okay and looks healthy. 


Thanks Nezal1982

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sounds like you have a male budgie who is ready to mate, remember that all animals, people have individual traits- I have one particular budgie that will roll on anything as soon as a spray of water is around, even when on a perch, generally doesn't work out well for him, I laugh like mad

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