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Hey all,

i have a budgie suffering from scaly face mites and she is in a cage with two other budgies who surprisingly have not got it even though they are in contact with her every day. i have previously treated her with vaseline mixed with betadine (some website recommended it) and it disappeared but it has come back again which sucks. I have no idea how she got it and how she has not passed it to the other budgies she's with.

what would be the best product to treat this with?

and how do i stop it from continually coming back?


many thanks <3

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50/50 olive oil and Dettol, put in a container , swirl around then get a small paint brush , make sure to get all the scale, so under the feathers near the beak or wherever the scale is { make sure you hold the bird still, you don't want to get any in it's eyes}

the olive oil moistens the dry skin { mites are burrowing under the skin} the Dettol will kill the mites, it will take about 2 weeks to do the job properly [eggs will be hatching| every second day do this! on the day you don't you can use a toothbrush to remove any loose skin- this will help get a little deeper down with the mix to keep killing the mites

good luck steve


oh, they don't really like the taste off Dettol either- neither do i


ps- slightly firm paint brush and dab it slowly so the mix seeps into the scale better , it will work quicker that way.

your budgie will look dirty as the olive oil will soak into the feathers- don't panic it will work really well, very cheap fix

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