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Is This Forum Really Still Active?

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I was a member on the forum a few years ago and at the time it was very active, any posts usually had a reply within the hour. Unfortunately I had a few issues with my birds at the time and when a tree fell on my aviary one day I left the hobby.

When I recently decided to come back to the hobby the first thing I did was come back to this forum however I was disappointed to see that the number of active members had dropped dramatically and now it can take weeks to have a reply to a topic if you get one at all...


What happened???


Can we fix it?


Maybe if the forum had a corresponding Facebook page or perhaps people could join with standard hotmail type email addresses?


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It is sad but I don't think you can fix it.


Your ideas are good but forums everywhere face the same issues. Facebook.

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I've tried to push for a Facebook page for the forum but to no avail. Unfortunately that seems to be where everyone goes nowadays. Personally I still prefer this forum but like you say, sometimes it takes a long time to get a response.


After a while it was just Karen that was qualified to give advice and she can't be on 24/7 so I think it gradually dried up. Unfortunate really.

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I have too tried to suggest things such as a Facebook page, however I never got a yes and to be honest I don't think I actually got a reply at all. In all honesty I havent been on for ages due to no one else being on. I will try to perhaps be on more. Just hope this site can come back to life!

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