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I'm guessing you are wanting to know the varieties of these birds? A very pretty group!


This one is an opaline greywing yellow face cobalt male. (Maybe sky violet?) I can't be sure on which variety of yellow face. I would have to see the parents, and if a bird is double factor for one of the yellow face mutations, or has two of them combined, it will affect their final appearance. I would say this one probably hasn't molted in its yellow all the way.



Opaline greywing spangle cobalt female, or maybe even violet:




Opaline greywing cobalt male, does not appear to be spangle in this photo:



Opaline greywing violet female, unless that is a purple cere that the photo has washed out.




Opaline greywing spangle yellow face sky blue or maybe even sky violet. Gender is a little ambiguous, but leaning towards female.




Opaline greywing yellow face cobalt male. This one looks old enough to be the father of the others. His yellow face has spread a little too much into his wings and body to be a mutant one, but not enough to be a mutant two, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was a combination of both. Identifying the possible yellow face combinations can be tricky, and my experience is only with yf2 and goldenface. I've not owned a yf1 before, and I rarely pair two yfs together, so none of mine (so far) are double factor yfs. Did this male have two yf birds as parents? Is he the father of these chicks, and if so, what is their mother? The spangle must be coming from her.




Opaline greywing spangle yellow face cobalt, maybe male, but the cere is a little washed out looking in this photo.




Not sure why the circle on this next bird. It doesn't appear to be anything significant, if you are worried about it.


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Body color looks washed out to me. Maybe post a photo of its abdomen after it finishes feathering out.

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