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For Sale In Gippsland Warragul , Pick Up Only.

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Hello all its been a long time i have been on here so first of all to all of you i know :) HELLO . :D


I have a few club rung birds for sale ,they are not in my veiw good enough to be sold to other club breeders but would make great aditions to any pet stud :)

i have

one skyviolet spangle 4 month old


one grey normal ( could be 25 chance carrying ino gene but wont know untill he is bred ) 4 month old male


30.00 each


pm me if interested and i will need to work out how to add pics again its been so long :)

so will need to read the sight info ( im hopeing its not still photo bucket lol )

thanks and hope that i can get them a good new home :)

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grey sold

still a skyviolet 4 month old spangle cock bird left 30.00

and now a australian goldenface opaline skyblue single factor 6 months old un used hen also 30.00

pick up only

birds are ivomect treated for lice and worms

pm if interested

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Hi GB! It's nice to see a familiar face again. It looks like you're still working with your show stock. How is the exhibiting coming along?


(Yes, I know it's been a few weeks since you posted this, but it's kind of hit or miss how often I am getting on the forum lately. :rolleyes: )

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hey finn same im only here to peek see how my old mates are doing :) im doing good on the showing side of things my birds have improved amensly :)

i cant work the photo bucket so i cant continue on my blog :( sadly but hey what ever

glad your still doing well hows your feathered mates


also the spangle boy has been sold .....weeks back just have not had time come here say

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Hi GB, that's great that your show birds are improving! It must be fun making budgie friends in the real world.


I hear you about Photobucket- it seems like every time I go on there (which is rarely), they have changed it all around. So I have to relearn it all over each time. Just not worth it. There are other image hosting websites out there. If they are any easier for you to use, then you could just use the url code from those. Or even post a link to their page.


Do you still have your website? That's another way to link a photo, if you put a link to your own website page with photos on it.


My feathered friends are doing fine, overly prolific! :P And a couple of years ago I added finches and Bourke's to my flock, so instead of only being a bird breeder for a "few years", which was my original agreement with Hubby, it's been five years with no real end in sight quite yet. ;)

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finne i cant find my old posts :( can you send to me a link please ?


I too have noticed that when you search a person's content, the forum doesn't go back past August of 2013. It's like it vanished from our profiles. But the content is still there. You just have to find it by going to each section of the forum. And that is a real pain.


Maybe I can help you find something specific, and send you a link to that.


okay, try this, I did a general search of the forum for Genericblue, and a lot of threads came up, even from years and years ago. I tried to post a link to my search results, but apparently you can't link to those.

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