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Rain/wind Protection For Aviary


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Hi everyone,


I'm wondering what other members are using for wind and rain protection for their aviaries. My budgie aviary has a solid back, roof and half length solid sides. However the front wall is half mesh and the wind can whistle in there sometimes. I want to buy or make (bit uncertain re my ability there) a wind and rain proof blind/cover that I can pull down across the front of my aviary on those nights when it is cold in Winter. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I went cheap with my aviary and I use a tarp :)

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Well I had same problem so when I sold some birds I used the money to buy a patio blind. Hung it on front of aviary with some pulleys and it works a treat. I leave it down on rainy or really windy days as it's clear it still lets in plenty of light. I put it up all day when it's fine.

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Thanks for your suggestions. I think I may consider the patio blind option as I like the premise of having a clear plastibarrier. I'll just have to hope that my hubby can manage to attach it to the aviary. On second thoughts maybe I had better do that.

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The blind is a good idea but you can also extend the front roofline out by adding extra roof sheeting...so you sort of create a verandah section and less chance of rain getting in ....which also helps

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