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A New Thinking On Fruit & Veg.

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Short Edited Version

In the latest experiments about the feeding of the usual fruit & veg mixes.

Having found that some fruits/veggies, contain enzymes that interfere with

the uptake of nutrients from other sources, inc, other f/v. Spinach & Parsley

etc. Have already been found to contain both oxalic & phytic acid which blocks

the absorption of, calcium, zinc & iron. Putting a strain on the kidneys, causing

the blood to lose its clotting ability. Green veg also contains up to 90% water.

Fed in large amounts can lead to excess urine in their droppings.

Additives are also known to inhibit the intake of natural nutrients in some fruits

& veggies. Additives in water become ineffective in a few hours.

The suggested feeding is of only one type of a fruit or veg per day. A birds body

was designed by evolution to extract all the nutrients it needs from the food it

eats but not necessarily all on the same day.


Since time of writing, (earlier this year on another site) I am now informed that

during these tests. It was found that some fruits can have adverse effects on some

prescription drugs. So the study of mixing fruit/veg, has been sidelined in favour

of the more important prescription drug study....This was also reported in the

"Daily Mirror", Newspaper recently.....B.J.

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Hm, well, the "they" who are always doing studies are continually finding out new things and changing their minds about what we should be eating or not eating.

"They" have spent years trying to get us to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and now they are saying to eat only one kind per day?

Well, me and my birds are going to keep on as we have been, and wait until "they" tell us to eat the things we like. :D


(For instance, "they" told us that coffee has benefits, so yippee, I'm keeping my coffee, even if they change their minds about that.)

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Hi Personally I think birds don't need anything like the amount of vitamins & minerals that the

animal/bird feed suppliers have tried hard to convince over the passed few years, us we need

to keep our birds healthy. Birds on the whole are not living, laying or thriving any better than

they did before suppliers added all these additives to their sales stock to make-up for the

shortfall in seed sales. Due to the downturn in the popularity in bird keeping.....B.J.

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Ugh. The more I learn, the more I know I don't know.


I do know, from personal experience that oxalic acid in spinach and other dark green, leafy vegetables does bind with calcium, not only depriving the body of the calcium, but forming crystals that must be passed from the body, accompanied by great pain. My vet says birds don't have this problem, but maybe they just pass the crystals without pain?


I'm still trying to shift mine from the Romaine lettuce that I've come to learn still doesn't have the nutrition that other veggies do, to Harrison pellets, spinach, parsley, and broccoli. And they still look at me like I'm trying to poison them.

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BJ, I agree. Everything is marketed to us as "vitamin fortified!' "100% daily vitamin C!" All that extra stuff just passes though us and gets eliminated. My biology professor in college told us that Americans have the most nutritious pee in the world. :rolleyes:


Ima, perhaps the vet meant that birds being different than mammals don't process their urine the same way, thus not getting the problem with crystals.


The green part of the romaine lettuce is nutritious, like any other green vegetable. It's the water white lettuces you want to stay away from, so that would be the stem ends of the romaine. Keep trying all sorts of veggies, presented in different ways, and sooner or later they will try it and like it. Then that should transfer over to them being willing to try more kinds.

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Hi The idea is not to stop the feeding of any particular type of fruit & veg.

Rather the old idea of giving of a mix of fruits & veggies on the same day, This is not giving the birds all the goodies they need because of this cancelling effect of other fruit/veg like Parsley forinstance. Fed on one or two days a week will only affect the Calcium intake on those days. Your bird doesn't need Cal every day so it wont come to any harm. As it will get the Cal on the days that parsley isn't fed. This goes for all the other fruits & veggies.

Give a different type of fruit /veg every day if possible. Your birds body will extract just what it needs from each fruit & veg....B.J.

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