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Help On What Pair Will Produce

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I have paired a light green normal cin cock and light violet cin opaline Hen, they have fertile egss which Im stoked about as I have been trying to get young from this cock for awhile...

Hen is split res pied...cock unknown

Just wondering what variety they may produce roughly...


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I take light to mean sky violet


if cock is not split blue:

green cinnamon hens and cocks

50% with the violet gene making them look dark green

All slpit blue

50% split rec pied

Males split Opaline.



if split for blue:

Same as above along with

Violet cinnamon hens and cocks

Blue cinnamon hens and cocks

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Nerwen, maybe Nowbudgies means that the violet color is light because of the cinnamon washing it out. So there could still be a dark factor in play. Nowbudgies, do you know if the cock is split to blue?

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true finnie, Dark factors will make it hard to see the violet gene in action in green birds.

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thanks for that.... hen is light violet (sky) in colour, maybe she does have a dark factor her sister is dark violet...

Finnie no idea is cock is split to blue never breed from him


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