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Dark Grey And Violet.

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I want to try and get a dark grey as well as a violet. Not together, but as a result of selected colour breeding.


Cobalts and Greys seem easy to gain from a supplier. Should I be looking for a particular colour set or is it luck of the draw.


For example, if I get 2 pair of grey, from the resultant grey chicks (if any) if they paired would I have any chance of a dark grey or would it only occur if one or more of the birs had the dark gene?


Matybe I should just try "luck of the draw".


Thanks for your help and please excuse my newness or if the topic has been covered. Genetic and the colour tables confuse the *** out of me.

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there is a gene for dark grey budgies however it is rare. The anthracite budgie However if you want to work on dark greys you would need the dark factor in your birds which is hard to pick in greys and continue breeding with the darker offspring.



Violet is another gene you will need to breed violets it is different to the dark factors.



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Thank you Nerwen.

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Well anthracite is one thing but you can easily combine the dark factor with grey as Nerwen suggests. So in effect you can have no dark factor grey (would equate to sky if it were blue), single dark factor grey (would equate to cobalt) and double dark factor grey (would be a mauve if blue).


So you could purchase a cobalt and pair it with a grey the resultant chicks having a 50% chance of single dark factor.


BUT it is pretty difficult to determine the difference between non, single and double dark factors on grey birds. There are subtle differences but generally difficult.


Violet on grey can give a more bluey grey. Again hard to tell but some subtle differences.

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Thank you Nubbly. I actually understood that. I get green is the dominant and I get the dd, DD and Dd theory of dark but thats about it.


But I get what you are saying.


I went to a breeder last night who had some lovely violet birds but she wouldnt sell them to me. Oh well.

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my forum might help in your situation if you would like to see it is under this catorgery as



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