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Hey there,


I'm new to breeding budgies and just starting to wrap my head around color genetics, but for now I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what would come out of my white female and white/blue male. She doesnt have red eyes though, I looked that up, would she be a double white factor spangle or what are the other possibilities? And I've been told he's a bluepied but again I've never seen a budgie like him beforem hes all white with a light blue chest and blue cere. I'm aiming for photos soon but until then let me know what you think :)

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Welcome to the forum.


Can you post some photos of your birds so we can be sure of their mutations before making any predictions?

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The Boy




The Girl(s) - I think she is albino just doesnt have really prominent red eyes. But the other female I'm not so sure of if you could tell me her type.



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Hi Rachelrose, Your male looks interesting I think he is a double factor spangle cobalt very heavily suffused, there may also be other mutations that aren't visible and he may be carrying multiple mutations as well.

Your hen I think is an Albino but it is hard to tell from the photos but she seems to have the pink feet and a yellowish beak.

The other hen is an opaline spangle either cobalt, violet or sky violet photos never show the colour properly.

If the male does happen to be a double factor spangle all of his babies will be spangles but if he also happens to carry the ino gene half of the young will be albino spangles but they will just look like albinos. The hen may also be masking other mutations so there are lots of possibilities when parentage is unknown.

Hope this helps cheers Jenny

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Ah sky violet, perfect! I have always wondered because I wouldn't class her s violet but she does show a violet tinge in some lights and this is perfect. And yes boy will be interesting, I suppose once I see his first clutch of little ones I will know more about his color genes. Thankyou for your help :)


Kaz or Neville do you have any opinions?

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The male could be a heavily suffused double factor spangle OR he could be a single factor spangle, double factor dominant pied


If your hen is albino and the cock is double factor spangle the chicks will all be blue spangles with whatever other mutations the birds are masking


If both the cock and the hen are both double factor spangle all the chicks will be double factor spangle


If the cock is spangle dominant pied expect dominant pied & dominant pied spangles from an albino hen OR double factor spangle dominant pieds and single factor dominant pied spangles from a double factor spangle hen


There is also the possibility that the hen is a dark eyed clear. If she is it raises more possibilities


I'd be very interested to see your breeding results

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I would say he is double Factor spangle with suffusion.


As for the girl does she have iris rings? If yes with black eyes then she is a double factor spangle.

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She doesn't have iris rings so I think she is just a Albino. I'll post breeding results when it happens and we will know more :) Thankyou for everyones answers, you're all so much help :)


Also Neville/Nerwen/hilly I have also just purchased a young all yellow male with black eyes, I am hoping he is DF spangle and will have a blue cere, he defintitely isn't a lutino - pitch black eyes, too young to see if he will have Iris rings yet. Without being a lutino, is there still any chance of him not having a blue cere? He has pink feet. I think I read up Dark eyed clears will have pink ceres as well as opposed to the blue, what are the chances, those are quite rare arn't they? Please let me know what you think!

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What's common here in the U.S. is different than what's common over there in Australia, but here, the Dark Eyed Clear is in all the pet stores. There are no DF spangles in pet stores, but I did know a breeder who had one. Well, and it is different in different parts of the US, too.


I used to say there were no single factor spangles in our stores, but then one day I was doing the rounds, and I found three stores that had one or two each! Maybe if I keep saying there are no DFs, I will make some appear. ;)


If your white hen doesn't have iris rings, then my bet is she's a dark eyed clear, since her eyes are black.


But I did once have a lutino male whose eyes were so dark, that I didn't believe he was lutino. Until a buch of red eyed chicks hatched.

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Bahaha yeah a clutch full of lutinos would be enough to convince anyone, classic. I always get that where I think of a type of budgie I havn't seen in a while, say violet, and then I'll see 5 violets at 5 different petstores. It's always the way. It's only a waiting game with him I guess, see if he gets Iris rings and/or a blue cere. Can't wait :)

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Wow Finnie! Really no spangles? We had an auction here recently and there were so many spangles and they have so gone off the popularity scale that many of them were passed in. Can't move for spangles over here.


I can't stop breeding the buggers and I don't want them really. Just have to treat them like a normal in my breeding program......

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