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B. J.'s Breeders Red Mite Trap

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This trap is intended to be your first line of defence, after a good clean-out.

You set the traps so you know the minute any mite have returned before

they have a chance to multiply to any great extent.

Under normal circumstances, by the time you spot them they are well & truly

hidden all around the shed


These days of easy to clean plastic cages, it must be a long tramp for the

poor mites back to their hidey-holes. This version of my mite trap was

devised to be more unobtrusive but just as effective as my aviary mite trap.

As you probably already know, mite don't nip out every night like Dracula

for a quick snack.

They are quite capable of going a month or more, if not longer after a good

feed. So every mite strike is from a different colony of mites.

Which is why they are so hard to get rid of & just when you think you've won,

another colony wake up hungry in their hidey-holes & your back to square one.

They have even been found under the tarpaulin on the shed roof & behind

the wall insulation.

For their own convenience, mite normally choose the birds nearest the wall

ends of the perch.


How to make my neat little mite trap.


1. Drill a hole in a plastic jar lid, ( remove the cardboard disc.)

The hole should be a tight fit for the perch. or it not won't stay in place,


2. Cut a few mite size nicks around the hole so mites can enter on their

return journey.


3. Push the perch through the hole so the inside of the lid faces the back

wall of the cage.


4. Refit the perch & slide the lid tight up against the back wall. Now your

poor mites will have somewhere dark to hide & not to far from their food

source. What more could they ask for?


Leave the traps in place for a week . Then carefully remove

the lid & perch & blast the little b*****s with mite killer or a cheap bleach

will work just as well.

Wipe away any spray residue, you don't want to discourage any new mites

from using the traps. Check the lids every clean out day so you can forestall

an invasion . Happy hunting. Yours B.J.

PS Apologies to any entomologist,

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Hi can't find anything for uploading attachments.....B.J.

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Hi Forgot to mention That this trap was designed for breeders using wood or plastic box type

cages. Why no EDIT button?.....B.J.

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Spray the aviary with coopex or AIL , a Residual spray and forget about trying to trap them .



Hello It is not a trap in the normal meaning of the word. It's use is more of an indication of a future infestation..B.J.

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