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Funny Tail

joe m

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hey all


bernies tail has been getting weirder by the weeks. the tail feathers keep flaring out. ive tried to google it but couldn't find a problem.


is it anything i should worry about?







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Doesn't look like a problem, dip the tail in a glass of hot water and straighten feathers between your fingers, when it dries it will be fine cheers Clearwing

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Hi there, nobodies perfect & that goes for budgies too. If the above advice doesn't work


& I hope it will. It's usually caused by climbing around the gage bars. It could be that your


bird may have a little deformity of the tail feathers. Either way there's nothing really to


worry about Yours laugh.gif B.J.

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being to closely interbreed also does this

no biggy though if your not breeding him/her

if what clear wing says doesnt help id say thats what has caused it

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