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Hey guys,


a while ago, I went to my Mum's friends house. I've been there once before, and they currently have a Galah, 2 Weiros, a male canary,and a budgie. All except for the budgie were found injured, the budgie was store bought. So, when they found each bird, they took them to the avian vet (that's close to them of course) and then the birds were nice and healthy. They put up posters everywhere, in fact, their entire suburb, of the found birds, but there were no replies. So the government (or whoevers consent is required) let them keep the birds. So, now, George the Galah is slightly hand tamed, and the other two arent but are very beautiful birds. So that is my Mum's Friends' story, of how they took in some beautiful birds, and cherished them with love :wub:



I'm hoping that I'll be able to go over to their place more often, and train the weiros not to bite anymore :)




Thanks for reading, and I hope this has inspired you :)

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