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Using Proper English

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It seems the good old use of shortcuts are creeping back into the forum... If everybody could please read the following. Thanks!






We have been having some issues with many members using shortcuts in their posts. Most of them are not permitted, and it takes time for the moderators to fix them all up. Our time

is better spent working on other areas of the forum. Could everyone read the information below. Please make yourself familiar with them. I know now days many people use short cuts while in chat rooms and mobiles, but it is not hard to get used to using proper English.


Internet Text Shortcuts (or slang).


(What is meant by this: Enuf, luv, thanks, woz, plz, phun and so on.) There are many, many people of all ages and languages that frequently visit this forum. English is hard enough for some people when it is their native language. There are people that post here that English is a second or even third language. Not everyone knows what shortcuts mean. It is like slang - if you're not from that area you don't understand what is being said. We want this forum to be as friendly, fun, and informative for everyone as we can make it, and one way we do that is to not allow text shortcuts in posts.


It is not difficult to type your responses using proper English. However, we do allow a select few of the very commonly known internet shortcuts which are listed right here: LOL (Laughing Out Loud), brb (be right back) and OMG (Oh My God). Members may only use these selected internet text shortcuts when it is appropriate. If you are found using text shortcuts in your posts and messages you will be contacted and asked to stop. If you fail to comply with our requests on this rule we will then take appropriate administrative action against your account.

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