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About a year ago I got 2 lovebirds!


Until recently I had no idea if they were male or female or one of each, so I held off naming them.. But I've become good friends with a local breeder and she came around one day and is sure they are a male and female (YAY!)


I have named them River (girl) and Smith (boy - the bright one) :D


and their cage


I am currently waiting on a few toys from ebay to fill up the gaps and for when I change everything around.

I never thought I would own lovebirds! But they are great pets, mostly :P

Smith is happy to sit on my finger or shoulder, but won't let me actually touch him and River gives me kisses through the bars but won't come near me when she is out of the cage lol


I am getting them a breeding box this year and I am hoping they will have babies :D

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