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Bogie Talks

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Bogie's got a growing vocabulary. Here's a little video of him talking.


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That is so cool, I love when they start talking and trying to figure out words.

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Terrific !! :D

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Very cute and clever :)


How old is Bogie?

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Thanks for looking at the video! :-)


Boxergirl, I'm not 100% certain how old Bogie is. We've had him for almost a year, and I would guess he was maybe 3 or 4 months old when we got him? So just over a year, maybe a year and a half old at most.


He was trying to talk before we even had him a month, and was clearly saying phrases before we'd had him four months. The video is from a couple months ago too, and he speaks even more clearly now, he's just talking all the time!

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Cool :)


Once they start, they dont stut up!

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