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Hen With A Weepy Eye

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Hi anybody!


My name is Ellie & I have joined this forum in search of help!


My female budgie is sitting on two eggs & a chick in her nesting box.

She appears to have a weepy eye.

Her eye looks a bit red around the outside of the iris & the feathers around her eye are stuck together.

I'm worried about her. :-(

I don't want to take her a way from her chick & two eggs but I do want to help heal her irritated eye.


Can someone please help my budgie & I?


Thanks for reading!





The chick that my budgie is sitting on hatched on the 2/11/10.

She layed four eggs in total but one broke.

After candling the remaining eggs I can see that one is fertilized & one is not.

I would love to have another baby budgie but the remaining fertile egg hasn't hatched.

Should I remove the eggs & attempt to open the fertile egg myself?

I hate the idea of a little budgie being stuck in there, unable to hatch.


Thanks again!

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

To start with you can clean the hens eye with warm salt water using a cotton ball a couple of times a day and you can also you a cool tea bag on her eye also. See if ever of these work. I find hens get sticky eyes from feeding but it also could be an infection so try the above.

As for her eggs I would say that the egg left is dead in shell put it in warm water and see if it moves, if it moves it is still alive and it not it is dead. But I wouldn't open it unless there are chips in it already but that's my opinion. Any way good luck with your hens eye.

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I use teabag water for eye issues. She has probably got food in it as Splat says.

Leave the egg alone. As you had a broken one and one isnt fertile the one left may hatch yet. If its dead in shell the outside of the eggshell get staining and dark. I wouldnt go putting it in water :blink:

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Thanks for the replies **KAZ** & splat.

I really appreciate the help!


I will try the tea bag method since you both suggested it.


I put the egg in a cup of water but I couldn't see anything moving.

Does a fertile egg sink or float?


Kind regards,




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Why not put it in luke warm water Kaz, besides a live chick will move, it will also helps egg to hatch. Some of the top breeders do this. I have done it countless time but only when the eggs are due to or should of hatched.

But saying that yep just leave it alone and see what happens.

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