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Will The Babies All Be Cinnamon?

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Hi there, it's been a while since I was on here. I've got a pair with 3 chicks so far...next one due today if there's going to be anymore (3 eggs left).

I was wondering if all the chicks will be cinnamon as both parents are cinnamon. Is there any chance I'll get something else?

Hen is Skyblue YF2 Rec. Pied Cinnamon Spangle possibly split Greywing.

Cock is Skyblue Cinnamon Opaline (unknown parentage).

What's the chance of getting a Opaline Spangle, if any?

It's my favourite mutation and I would really like one.

Any info appreciated.

Thanks :angry:

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All chicks will be cinnamon, all hens will be cinnamon opaline. Some chicks will be pied, YF2 etc. There is a chance you will get cinnamon opaline spangle hens.


This pair will produce a veritable hodge podge of mutation combinations.

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