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My Sons Finally Won!


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After much negotiating, today my sons got a pet rat each. Aiden has a black and white hooded rex and Angus has a black normal with white belly and socks.


I know there are many rat owners on here, so I was just wondering if you know of a rat forum that is as informative about rats as this one is about budgies?


I checked Kaz's other pet forums post, but it doen't look as if rats are included.

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I have a rat. An agouti hooded :budgiedance: I haven't had any luck finding a forum as yet, but I haven't exactly been looking.. I used to breed them a few years ago and the little girl I've got now came from my aunty.


If you need any help with anything that you can't find the answer for send me a pm :thumbs_up:

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Excellent, thanks Sunshine, will do! :budgiedance:

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:budgiedance: :thumbs_up: :thankyou:

Exciting news... have sent you a PM...

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Thanks Maesie, that's great info, cheers!!

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Introducing Oscar and Ratatouille :D


They're only about twice the size of a mouse, but I'm told they'll get much bigger! Its amazing how friendly they are already after only owning them for 2 days.



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Im not a fan of rats, but I bred fancy mice for a few years, and used the ausrfs nsw site alot. I imported a fair few mice from the eastern states from the members of ausrfs and theyre all lovely people to deal with and will help you with any questions you have.



theres a link to the forums from the main page :D


good luck with your ratties!

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They're gorgeous Hills!! I have 7 pet rats :D One of mine looks like your black one with the white belly and socks. They are called Black Berkshires.


I have had rats for a few years, if there's anything you need to know, you're more than welcome to PM me.



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:hurryup: They are so cute when they are little!


Atleast you can get photo's of yours! My girl doesn't sit still! Ever.. :camera:

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Black Berkshire, I like the sound of that, it sounds very regal! :camera:

Thanks for the kind offers of help, I'll certainly take you up on those offers!


I heard Michele say "they are very cute aren't they" tonight!! And she was almost a rat-aphobe before! :hurryup:

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I heard Michele say "they are very cute aren't they" tonight!! And she was almost a rat-aphobe before! :hurryup:


lol I made my boyfriend go with me to see all nine of my aunty's rat's babies when they were tiny and cute and couldn't say no to me getting one :camera: He loves her now :P

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