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How Do I Safely Get Rid Of Fleas?

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I apologize if this question has been answered...

the search feature is not working today-keeps saying it can't find the data base, so...


short story-

I have a rescued bird that lives at the office, been there for over a year since last July.

Never had any problems with bugs of any sort UNTIL...

three week ago Boss man buys his kid a puppy, but for some reason can't leave puppy at home,

puppy goes outside to do her thing- comes back in with fleas.

I can't sit at my desk for 10 minutes without getting bitten by fleas, they are getting worse and worse.


I removed bird from my office, and set a Zodiac flea fogger off in there yesterday,

but of course my office isn't the only place the fleas are- they are in the whole building,

about a dozen largish size offices and a long hallway, all carpeted except one.


question 1-

now that I have ALREADY set a flea fogger off in my office,

and it will have been more than 36 hours or so when I go back in to work tomorrow,

is it safe to bring bird back in the office and let him out of his cage like I usually do?

I have washed off some of his favorite perches, but he goes everywhere- the carpet, the shelves, etc.


question 2-

knowing the fogger was probably NOT the best thing I could have used

(I was desparate and bought the first thing I saw that promised DEATH to the fleas!)

what IS my better option to treat the rest of the building?

The exterminator guy on retainer for the building is next to useless,

all he says is he's got some spray to use on the carpet that we'll have to stay off until it dries...

no mention of whether it's harmful to my bird or not.


question 3-

how likely is it the bird now has fleas too?

and what can I use on him now?


please help...I have already cried about what to do long enough...

and my tears aren't getting rid of the fleas...

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Hi there clr


Sorry I can't help much re the fogger and how toxic it might be to the bird - might depend on the active ingredient that was in the fogger as to how toxic it may or may not be to the bird.


As far as the bird getting fleas. Dog and cat fleas are generally fairly host specific and although when they are deperate they will bite humans (and I assume other animals too), they will not live on them. So little chance that your bird will have dog fleas.


There are some prorierty products that you can use to treat feather lice and mites on birds and these products will also affect fleas but is unnecessary.


If you can tell me what was IN the fogger that you used I MIGHT be able to determine if the bird might be okay with it. No guarantees though.

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I doubt the bird has flees,

it might have lice,there is

ways to rid lice & flees,

Check the labels on the

insect/fly spray on the supermarket


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