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I have been given a white budgie with a bent beak .

The top beak grows to the left, and it seems to be very long. I have tried to cut away at it to reduce its size but not sure if i'm doing the right thing or how far i can cut it back.


Can anyone advise me if i'm doing the right thing and why this is happening.



She seems to eat and drink okay, as the beak leaves a opening on the right side due to the curve.




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Beaks are designed to wear down by the way they move over each other during eating. Beaks overgrow when their rate of growth is not matched by the rate of wear. You could keep cutting it back but this is treating the symptom not the problem. You will most likely have to do this forever if you don't fix the underlying problem.

The most common causes of beak overgrowth in budgies are scaly face mite, and liver disease (most commonly due to an all seed diet). They can also be born with the defect.

Does she have any other signs like crusts on her face, green poops or tail bobbing? Are her nails overgrown as well? What is her diet like?

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