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Surprise Hatching

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Well I paired this couple up awhile ago:




I thought, I'm going to get wonderful chicks from these! Got 3 eggs. Then tragedy struck, we had a 42C day and since it's been such an unusually mild summer some of my birds weren't prepared. The hen died. I found her the next day on the floor - she had appeared okay previously.


Her eggs were cold but I popped them into this girl and boys box (their chicks were raised by Jnr Boss):





Changing the shavings today and I heard a noise from the box, took it down and found:




That will be the only chick, the other eggs are no good. I am not even sure how old the chick is.

It was pure chance that I put the eggs in the white hens box, my first thought was to throw the eggs out!

Sure glad I didn't! At least I will have something to remember the mum by.

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Thats fantastic news... keep us posted with updated pics, can't wait to see how the little one turns out.

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That is wonderful news!!! i had two chicks hatch from the eggs of a mother who died in the nest that were fostered to another hen whilst cold..

he's quite a fat little chicky!!! looks like he's doing really well!!!! Dom pied bub here we come :D

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Thats is really good news karen :D

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Miracles do happen that is awesome

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Wow, that's fantastic! :)

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That is just brilliant Karen! I'm really excited for you and I can't wait to see how the little one turns out.

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wow,thats great news!Hope all continues to go well and can't wait to see the chick grow up!

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Congrats- he does look a chunky little fella!!!

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The little one is doing really well, mumma feeds it til it's near bursting.







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Awww. Looking good! You've got to enter that last picture in Budgie of the month. Very cute!!!

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