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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, I'm a very new and young budgie owner and this is my first time owning budgies and need help. I have 2 male budgies, one named bobby, and one named charli. They have been together ever since we bought them and were only a few days out of the nest when we got them so they are fairly young. We have only had them for a month. We have noticed that during the day they will fight a bit whilst in their cage but never outside of it. Tonight when I got them out and had them on my shoulder every time I pat them bobby made a really really weird noise then would bit the living day lights out of my fingers and nails, none of the biting broke the skin tho. Then charli started biting me as well tho he wasn't making any weird noises. Then out of no where they started fighting each other on my shoulder and when I tried to break it up I had them both biting me. Im just concerned about them making weird noises and biting me. This is the first time bobby has never bitten, thought charli has bitten me before. Does anyone know what this means and what I should do? ( there is a video attached of the noise) Thanks. IMG_0524.MOV
  2. Hello! So I'm new to the website so I hope I'm doing this correctly. I bought this pair of two budgies (one male and female) about 3 weeks ago and have been slowly gaining their trust. They've become tame enough to land and even eat off of my hand but recently they started biting my fingers when I take the treat away and they're still on my hand. Am I doing something wrong or is there something I can do to stop this behavior from continuing? At first it was just nibbles but they have just progressively been getting stronger in their bites and I don't want them to bite other people. Thank you in advance! (also forgot to mention they're both only a few months old)
  3. My female budgie jumps on my hand and then starts nibbling/bitting my hand constantly but she wants to stay on and I’m out side there cage so don’t think it’s a territorial thing I’m just not sure on what’s going on and she is also puffing up when doing so. I also have another budgie male. She is 3 months old and my male is 10 months. They get along okay. please watch video FullSizeRender.mov
  4. "Bluey"..or "Blue blue" my pet name for him.. now 15wks old.I got him wen he was 6wks, he talks, he flys around everywhere, pooing on everything, including me. Lol I seen another person has the exact same question, so i wont go into it. I think your replies on others questions, helped me.
  5. Okay so, I have had my budgie since September, and I have slowly worked my way up to using millet to get my hen to hop onto my finger. I have noticed some behavior that I haven't been able to find anywhere else(apologize if there's a thread somewhere here.) Basically, my hen will hop onto my finger for the millet, but sometimes bite me pretty hard, enough to turn the area red or leave an indent. I've tried to ignore it to see what happens, but she will literally keep going until I put her down or she goes back to the millet. I have also tried getting her to step up without the millet, and it's the same result. She goes crazy biting the heck out of my hand. Will step up without issue, either with or without millet, but this biting thing has me baffled and I'm not sure what to do? Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. TIA
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