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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, I am now holding the competitions and the first idea that we have is a Budgerigar Calendar. Now this works by you putting in your favourite budgie for the month we specify. Then everyone reply's and states which budgie they liked best for that month. After we have gathered all the pictures, I will make a calendar, (this will only be A4, however 1 page per month). We then email the Calendar to the people that ask for them. Now for the first month we will start back at January. So Please enter your favourite Budgie For the month JANUARY. (this will be on next years 2014 calendar). WHERE SHOULD I POST MY PICTURE? Post on This Topic, and before the picture state, RE; JAN This is to know which month you want it in, only post for the month that I state. Also it will work better if the picture is upright. (higher rather than wider). Look forward to seeing all your entries.
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