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  1. I had ********* ones off a breeder, and body deformity really was the obvious they were all babies under 3 weeks, and all died.
  2. Get a net, costs less than ten dollars unless you are rural Australia and with the net you can try ebay or online stores, get the net and capture it, walking it inside your house. To train a bird they say it is good to feed it from your hand showing it that the hand is likeable for feeding them, but other than this, you really really will need to try hard to tame the budgie as it is not a baby anymore judging by your post.
  3. Your baby likely died due to freezing if left at the bottom of the cage. They need a nest box, warmth and the mother or father.
  4. Hi they call me McGreen, and I am a male while my missus here Bianco, on the right is a female. The boys back of bourke in the masses with the large amounts that barracked me on (we all did it) while Bianco and I had it for ourselves, in a tree. All while away from homee as I am usually posted up in the big smoke (Sydney, Inner West). Well the truth of the bizzo is for my aussie true green and gold colouring that was given to me, wishes the best while I ask a few basic questions regarding Bianco and myselves romantic time we shared together which will likely involve green and gold babies in a few months if I knock her up good, let alone for the really first time, this time, we are about to leave the avery for the Budgie breeding cabinet with pull out nest 24" x 18" wire front. But Bianco really wants to know my following question, which I think I should have undercontrol already, just using this helpful forum for our natives, unlike my love for ring necks. 1. What to feed a breeding mother and father in terms of the best nourishment possible for babies.
  5. Thanks really appreciative of the help you offer my new babies in hopefully a few months. Regards, Bianco and McGreen
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