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  1. hi I have a very broody pair of budgies, and they both started their process twice in a row without a nesting box, she had eggs and was ready to drop, so I then decided to accommodate their needs for the first time, they had 4 successful babies. The babies hadn't quite fledged when my cock started pushing on the hen again, I didn't want another batch as the first was unexpected. but I couldn't remove the cock as he was still feeding his hen and babies. I admit I attempted to remove him, but he was not happy at all, so decided to put him back in . once the babies left the nest , I then had 6 budgies in one flight cage and had to buy a second cage for the 4 young as the hen was still grouchy and was spiteful to her babies. Then the cock starts trying again straight away with his mate and again was successful, but I couldn't separate the pair as I couldn't have a 3rd cage. so again I now have a second batch of only 3 chicks this time, they are 22 days old atm. I did this time have to remove the breeding cock , as he is still insisting on mating with her, ive had no choice this time, ive had to borrow a small cage for him only tempariliy . My hen is looking after her 3 new chicks very well on her own. What I really want is all hens in one cage and cocks in the other. I want to separate the sexes as I also worry of in breeding between the four 5month old siblings. I cant rule anything out at this point. since they could be as broody as their parents. I don't want the breeding pair to mate again, as it will probably kill her, twice in a row is not ideal. and would like to know if at this point can I put my two 5mth old hens in with mum and her chicks? Is it safe to? and have the 2young cocks and dad in the other cage?? Will mum be okay with her 2 previous clutch hens whilst she has 22 day old chicks in her nest?
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