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  1. Hey everyone. I had budgies when I was a kid. I’m 54 yrs old now. My Mom was given this budgie 5 yrs ago. She passed October 2015. I inherited him. He was bought from Petco. Growing up we had 2 budgies. Both purchased from a breeder. So they were hand held. This one I couldn’t and can’t touch. But,,,, he’s smarter than any bird I had. He talks non-stop. He’s learned what to say when he wants to come out. He recognizes voices when he can’t see them. He’s a very smart bird. I love him. Hes actually my buddy. I give him baths at the sink. We watch tv together. My question for someone to help me. I used to have the sand grit at the bottom of the cage. This time I didn’t do it. But I see him picking at the sandpaper I have around his perch sticks. I bought the sand paper sheets for the bottom of the cage. And I bought the Avian Grit plus. He immediately Went down to the bottom of the cage and started to eat the grit. Then I read that’s not good for him. I don’t know what to do. Can anyone give advice. I want to help him. But I don’t want to kill him. From what I read. My email is Seagainee@ aol.com. Just Incase this site doesn’t work. Just put “ help Corky” in the subject so that know it’s real. Thanks.
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