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  1. Thank you Skye, Marvin and Olivier. I own a few budgies and have been able to sex all of them until I purchased these two. I was told they are a pair and I had hoped that by now their cere would have changed colour so I know which is which. Unfortunately they have been pink for the last 8 months. A few have said about white rings around the nostrils but they change or to me they seem to change each time I look at them. Do you know which one is male or do I have both males? Thank you in advance. šŸ˜Š
  2. Yes it might be a Georgia instead of George!
  3. Hello, can anyone please tell me what is the sex of my budgies. I have been told by the breeder that they are a bonded pair but Iā€™m starting to think they are the same sex. Thanks in advance. šŸ˜Š