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  1. derek49

    Free Budgies

    Hello, I have 7 budgies to give away for free, with 4 males & 3 females. If anyone is interested I live on the Gold Coast. Also included are 2 mite treatment bottles and a wormer.
  2. I have owned budgies for about 2 weeks now and looking to buy a big aviary. Would this one be good to buy ? https://www.bunnings.com.au/absco-sheds-1-52-x-0-78-x-1-8m-single-door-aviary-zincalume_p3311479
  3. Hi bruffy, since my first post in here, i now have 4 budgies and a bigger cage. I will be posting in the aviary section for some advice.
  4. I have never owned budgies before until saturday. When i got two males, two cages, toys and alot of food for them all for free. The lady i got them from said they are about 8-10 months old. I noticed they both have their crazy moments every now and again, so i have named them ronnie & reggie after the Kray brothers. Derek.
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