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  1. Just starting up looking about thanks looking for couple cin one nor. One opal of exhibition  stock and decent norm if anyone can help thanks

  2. SWBC- September 2016 budgie auction Open to all who would like to attend, 18 sept (Sunday), Coondanup Community Centre Mandurah Viewing from 10.45- 12.15, Auction starts 12.15, food & drinks available. Enquiries- John 08 97344771 or Jan 08 95343261 Many very nice birds to be bought, with very good bloodlines see you there.
  3. pretty sad that this site is no longer being monitored as it used be. I go to check out a forum subject and it goes to a spam advert , this happens on multiple occasions, looking like the death of this site! no interest in face book as it has less to offer!
  4. Thanks Derek For the link, I'm not necessarily chasing info at the moment, though I was trying to put it out there that any newcomers don't have much of a chance at all seeking assistance through club websites as they don't get replies, I just found out that in 2 weeks time there is an auction, but not advertised (you can't sell birds if no one knows?, also everyone! members of clubs or not should be invited ) you cannot promote if your too scared to allow others in! I've have been breeding on and off for 30 years (work has restricted me on many occasions, all over Australia) I've noticed that those at the pinnacle tend to sell to other states at massive prices to eliminate competition- what the? aren't we supposed to share knowledge, and promote great quality birds to our peers? No wonder no young people are interested, they're priced out even with **** birds and no one seems to want to help them out- this shows me that all the mission statements from clubs (now days) do not ring true! I find this very disappointing, those at the top will stay there, those with money to spare will be okay, those trying to get the bug of breeding a half decent bird will be lost in oblivion. Anyway I've now stated my case, I live in hope that everyone lifts their game and promotes the fancy with a bit more respect for those less fortunate than ourselves 90
  5. probably the male has claimed the box as his territory, always put the hen in a cage by herself and the nest box, three days prior to introducing the male.
  6. about head height in an aviary as you can inspect , don't go playing with the eggs, bacteria from fingers, also eggs are positioned, by the hen for a reason- older eggs to the outside for more oxygen (eggs are very absorbant) steve
  7. new mate or put him in another cage steve
  8. I came back= nothing,some have asked qestions years ago with no answers, very poor, I spoke to an admin person from one of the clubs in wa, people are getting old and out of keeping birds, not many new commers, so loosing quality birds and knowledge. facebook pages are not helpful either steve
  9. hello Anyone selling decent birds around perth?
  10. broughy


    hi been over victoria, for a few years, decided that i would get back into budgies, could've saved myself a fortune if i stayed here as i spent like a madman for good bloodlines prior to leaving wa. seems like not many using the forums nowdays' steve
  11. 50/50 olive oil and Dettol, put in a container , swirl around then get a small paint brush , make sure to get all the scale, so under the feathers near the beak or wherever the scale is { make sure you hold the bird still, you don't want to get any in it's eyes} the olive oil moistens the dry skin { mites are burrowing under the skin} the Dettol will kill the mites, it will take about 2 weeks to do the job properly [eggs will be hatching| every second day do this! on the day you don't you can use a toothbrush to remove any loose skin- this will help get a little deeper down with the mix to keep killing the mites good luck steve oh, they don't really like the taste off Dettol either- neither do i steve ps- slightly firm paint brush and dab it slowly so the mix seeps into the scale better , it will work quicker that way. your budgie will look dirty as the olive oil will soak into the feathers- don't panic it will work really well, very cheap fix
  12. hi , the best thing to do is remove the hen and leave ther male to feed the young, i have in the past put one cock bird with 8 young birds he continued to feed whoever wanted a feed steve
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