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  1. Hi. Have 2 young male budgies, since Nov '15 or so. Seem very healthy, but they lose lots of little feathers daily, which fall to the surrounding floor. We vacuum up daily. They chirp etc. a lot, very active. We let them fly out of their 'flight cage', about 2 times a week, in a 'safe room' for them. They will not get on our finger, altho we've tried very often, and we also talk to them, but they never mimic our words or try to talk. They just chirp amongst each other. They eat a good diet of a healthy bird mix I purchase at PetSmart and daily, we give them fresh vegetables that we've learned they love, such as broccoli, celery leaves, carrot sticks, strawberries, small sections of tangerines, and occasionally apples. They seem to love their fresh produce. So - 2 questions please. 1). Why are they losing SO MANY feathers, and will it ever stop? Can't be constantly molting. 2). Any suggestions on helping to get them to finally like us, get on our finger, sit on our shoulder, etc? Or get them to talk? Hope I get some replies. Thanks!
  2. Hi - 2 questions -got 2 very young male budgies about 7 or 8 months ago. In a flight cage. We let them fly 2 or 3 times for hours weekly. We feed them fresh veggies daily -like broccoli (They love), celery leaves, strawberries, carrots, apples, also of course seed mix. Almost daily - we vacuum little feathers on floor around cage. Thought at first - molting. But it's almost everyday. 1) How can they lose so many feathers and still look so good and healthy? 2) Also, we try to get them to go on our finger or let us touch them gently, but they are STILL afraid of us. Play talk to them & music for them daily too. What else can we do? Thanks
  3. We purchased 2 young 'Fancy Budgies' Friday. Already very friendly, attentive and active. I believe both are Recessive Pieds. One is a classic example, other probably the same. I can attach several pictures of both, as soon as I figure out how to do that. If I can do that, could you please let me know what you think the age and sex is for each? THANK YOU SO MUCH. Waiting to name them until we know if boys or girls. I still cannot figure out how to attach 4 pictures of my budgies. I also had to hit REPLY to post and resign in, because it didn't let me add to my original post? If someone can explain to me how to manipulate this forum better, I would appreciate the help. Thanks so much.
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