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  1. Hi breeders, Lately i checked my english/club budgies box and i figure out that the one and only egg was tiny compared to my other pairs eggs. The femlae is a very small grey spangle... Im not sure if the egg is small becuase she is small but im sure theres nothing wrong with it but i just thought i would check. Thanks
  2. Hi fellow breeders, i have 2 pairs of budgies and 1 pair is going fine but the in the other pair only the male is intresed in the female but the female wont resond. She is in breeding mood but she just isent intrested in the box or the male. The weirdthing is that on the first day that i brought her she was intrested in the male but after that day she doesn't want to breed or do anything Thanks...
  3. Hi, Recently I have been selling budgies and I've only been getting $5 each!!! Can anyone please recommend a place for me to sell. Thanks!
  4. Hi Fellow breeders... I have a pair of budgies and they have had 4 babies in 3 clutches and I was wondering if I could breed too different babies from the same parents but different clutches? Will it work? or is it a defenet no? Thanks!
  5. Hi breeders As I explained in the topic about English budgies mating in the box..... About 3 days later my female that is sitting on eggs throws an egg out of the nest. When I go to pick it up its just bursts. Is she doing this because she doesn't like the egg?? They are in a cage not the avairy because they attacked and ate the eggs of my cockatiels. They are also trying too get back too the avairy, pacing up and down the cage trying too get into the avairy. Should I put them back in the avairy when they still have a clutch?? I feel that I'm being cruel by keeping them in a cage away from the other budgies when they really want too get back in there and be free of flying. I need some advice about English budgies. I also need advice on if I should put them back too fly and be free or just keep them in a cage all squashed up. If I put them back in will they kill the young baby that just left the nest? Thank You
  6. today as i watch my pair of English budgies in a cage i see the box move, when i saw the box moving i decided too have a look in side. Then i found them having a good time mating inside the box when she already has eggs. is it a good idea just too leave them? does this really affect the eggs or the babies? Thank You!
  7. I would suggest to maybe if have time decide to hand feed the baby. Right away separate the female hen from nest. I have a baby right now and lucky this is not happening to mine. Hope this helps. I hope your baby survives.
  8. Hi breeders, I have 3 males and 2 females, the reason i have 3 males and 2 females is because the lonely males female died. Now, that she has died he has gone crazy with everything shiny and is mating with the sick outside of the breeding box. He is also trying too steal the females from all the other males. The other thing he is doing that can affect the other budgies eggs. He does this by disturbing the other pairs when they mate. THANKS
  9. hi i still dont get why my male and male budgies are trying to feed each other and trying to mate with each other. they dont do this to there females though only to each other??? they both have blue ceres and are both in breeding mode and the females are to so why arent they mating and breeding??????????? THANKS
  10. Hi fellow breeders, my budgies in my aviary are very intrested in each other but they are not intrested in the box at all, they are tapping their beaks together and the female is scratching the males head but they just dont like the box. they have been together for 8 weeks. THANKS
  11. Hi I have a pair of budgies in aviary and I and going too put my box In but I don't now were too put it. I was thinking next to the perch but it might get wet. maybe right at the to of the aviary but then the they are not intrested In it at all THANKS
  12. hi breeders I have a pair of budgies in a cage they have been together for one month, the thing im worried about is that the male is blocking the hole of the breeding box. he will move out the way but then the female wont go in the box, the female pushes the male out the way but then she does not want too go in the box. THANKS.
  13. I have two new budgies that are in breeding mode, have been in an cage for one week tOgether. They shows signs of tapping beaks but I haven't sighted actual mating. The female is not showing signs of any interest in the breeding box, she doesn't go in it at all. How long after being placed together should she start to signs of interest in the breeding box??
  14. Hi. I've just bought a new pet budgie from a very known reputable bird place in Adelaide. My budgie has a leg band with an ID: SA NE -3 1672 and it's a green ring. I know that green represents 2014 birth and SA obviously from an SA breeder. Can anyone shed light on the NE or -3 (sideways) and 1672?? Thanks
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